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Status: March 6th, 2021 8:03 pm

Bureaucracy can be useful – but when it comes to vaccinations against Covid-19, it is harmful. Instead of getting lost in new categorizations and discussions, one should rather follow the example of the USA.

A comment by Tobias Betz,
ARD capital studio

It was clear that at some point the economy would speak up and stop watching. More and more companies now want to take matters into their own hands and finally vaccinate their people with the help of their company doctors. And that is absolutely correct! It is astonishing that the economy has looked at the pathetic implementation of the vaccination strategy by the EU, the federal government and the federal states for so long. Because the vaccination rate is shameful.

One thing is clear: it is the bureaucracy that completely stands in the way of an efficient vaccination strategy. Of course, because of the bureaucracy, many things are going well in Germany. But the corona crisis also shows that it slows down where it should be fast. It is too much about responsibilities and competencies between federal ministers, prime ministers, mayors, district administrators, the European Commission …

Vaccination centers alone are not enough

Stop it. The vaccination strategy must be redesigned! If it goes on so scandalously slowly, then the third wave sloshes in over us. Germany could prevent that. The strategy should now be based on two pillars. The first pillar: the protection of vulnerable groups and the elderly. It has to stay in the first place. Vaccine must always be available for this.

But here, above all, the general practitioners should finally be able to vaccinate. The concept of “vaccination center” with online appointment allocation works only slowly.

This requires the second pillar: the economy. Because we lose too much time with the categorization, with discussions about rapid tests, self-tests, PCR tests, closings and openings, step-by-step plans and also with discussions about sanctions because some mayor is pushing somewhere. If you think that’s stupid, you shouldn’t vote for it anymore.

Vaccine for anyone who has to work

Now it is a matter of vaccinating many people quickly. So release the vaccine! Give it to those who have to work! Those who generate the gross national product here. Those who have to get out of lockdown – so that they can work efficiently again. Let’s look at the USA. They are even faster than expected. There are vaccination drive-ins there. So get into the queue with the car, arm out, inject, next – that’s faster. Finally vaccinate faster, vaccinate in the factories, in the schools, at the employment offices and so on!

It was quick to restrict fundamental rights. To be clear: these are bitter but necessary cuts. But politics should now proceed in exactly the same way with vaccination: bypassing bureaucracy and finally involving those who are closer to people – our economy and our general practitioners.

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