Intel Core i9-11900K: Overclocker breaks 7 GHz mark


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Although the official launch of Rocket Lake-S is not planned for the coming week, testers and overclockers can already let off steam with the CPUs, apart from the copies that went on sale significantly early. The first processor-own records for the Core i9-11900K were recently set and the 7 GHz mark was cracked.

Extreme overclockers recently took on Intel’s flagship processor in the Rocket Lake S lineup, the Core i9-11900K. With liquid nitrogen cooling, the eight-core with 16 threads was repeatedly driven beyond the 7 GHz mark. More precisely, those values ​​were achieved twice with the CPU and now lead the ranking of the top overclockers on the CPU-Z website.

“ROG-Fisher”, who overclocked the Core i9-11900K on the Asus ROG Maximus XIII Apex, was able to secure the rankings. The peak value achieved was 7,047.88 MHz. However, this required a significant increase in the core voltage to 1.873 volts. In another attempt, the overclocker achieved 7,034.16 MHz.

ROG-Fisher was also able to immortalize his name in third place on the record list for the Intel Core i9-11900K, although the 7 GHz mark was not exceeded. Instead, the overclocker achieved 6,898.34 MHz in this attempt.

As reported by, an interesting video about overclocking the Core i9-11900K can be found on the channel of Indian YouTubers. “PC Wale”, so the name, show how they overclocked the eight-core to 6.5 GHz. The operating voltage of the processor in this experiment was 1.678 volts.

In addition, a custom XOC BIOS from SafeDisk, a South Korean overclocker who works for Asus, was used. This was also necessary to achieve such values ​​with regard to the voltage, since it is only possible to increase the CPU voltage to up to 2 volts. Meanwhile, an Asus ROG Maximus XIII Hero was used for the overclocking attempt. As further writes, there are currently no benchmark results in connection with the runs. The background is that the processors were provided by Intel and such information must remain under lock and key until the end of the NDA on March 30th.

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