Intel mocks Apple and unintentionally reveals the future of the MacBook


Intel is digging pretty deep into the moth box in the last commercials, which are known to target Apple, but unintentionally shows the possible future of the MacBooks. What does it look like? GIGA knows more.

Did Intel’s recent commercials succeed? This can be debated, especially the appearance of the actor Justin Long, formerly known as “Mac”, is likely to be discussed controversially. Regardless, actors also have to earn money, it doesn’t matter whether Apple or Intel pays the bills. With all the excitement one overlooked one tiny yet important detail.

Intel shows MacBook with unknown display: secret Apple prototype?

After all, the MacBook Pro with the M1 chip (currently available from Amazon) somehow looked different in Intel’s commercials, what had changed? Right: the display! That lacked the comparatively fat frame. In Intel’s spots the MacBook Pro looks really nice and owns one Format-filling, edge-to-edge screen. How can this be, there is no such thing? Is Intel showing us a secret Apple prototype here?

Looks chic, like a MacBook from Intel’s “design department”. Image: Intel.

Of course not, in the end it was a Error at Intel in the post-production of the filmas “The Verge” found out. And but The processor manufacturer unintentionally shows us a likely future of the MacBook. Because in one way or another, we are all hoping for the next generation of the MacBook Pro 2021 with even more powerful Apple chips.

The said Intel commercial, watch out for the ominous MacBook (left in the picture):

MacBook Pro 2021: Something like that or something like that

These are currently in work at Apple and will probably be presented to the public by autumn at the latest. To be expected two new models with 14 and 16 inch displays in a new design and mini LED screens. They could actually have extremely narrow edges. Furthermore, the rumor mill predicts the return of MagSafe, HDMI and an SD card reader. The Touch Bar should be omitted.

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Sven Kaulfuss07.12.2020

So in the end it does calculated Intel yet inadvertently promoting the next generation of MacBooks and shows an improved notebook design that Apple users have long wanted. One would be tempted to speak of an own goal. Intel wants to mock Apple and in the end the world is talking about future MacBooks that will make life even harder for Intel – kind of funny.

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Intel mocks Apple unintentionally reveals future MacBook


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