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GameStop investor also known as “Roaring Kitty” and “DeepFuckingValue”

Analysis of GameStop shares months before the share hype
Reporter convinced: Close to Warren Buffett’s investment behaviorKeith Gill is known to many investors by the name with which he appears in the Reddit sub-forum r / WallStreetBets: “DeepFuckingValue”. Meanwhile, he calls himself “Roaring Kitty” on YouTube, and in the past he used the video portal in particular to provide insight into his investment strategy and to give his opinion on GameStop shares, months before the hype that hit the shares at the end of January Recorded in 2021.

Gill does not see himself as a professional investor

The battle, which was triggered by the amalgamation of numerous small investors on the Reddit discussion platform, who agreed to jointly buy GameStop shares, splashed a lot of money into Keith Gill’s coffers. He joined the video game retailer in 2019 and increased his stake in the following months. He was always convinced on social networks that the share was undervalued and that a short squeeze would be conceivable.

In an address to Congress after the turmoil caused by the WallStreetBets movement in the stock market, he said that his investment had multiplied and that he had therefore correctly assessed the stock. He is not a professional investor, his posts on social media are based on his own assessment and analysis, Gill made clear. He himself did not come from a wealthy family and was even unemployed for some time, he explained his background and emphasized that he had not recommended anyone to buy GameStop shares, he had merely passed on his assessment of the undervaluation of the share.

Expert believes in similarities to Warren Buffett

Gill resembles star investor Warren Buffett in the way he operates on the stock exchange, writes Bloomberg author Tae Kim. Because Gill benefited from the strong fluctuations in the share because he acted comparatively little emotionally. After GameStop shares rose massively in late January, he reduced his call options. According to the Wall Street Journal, he bought more after the price crash in February.

In his assessment, Kim referred in particular to a quote from the old master who had emphasized: “Bubbles arise when price movements overrun common sense”. In Buffett’s view, the key to success is capitalizing on market sentiment and avoiding getting caught up in price movements. In this respect, Gill would have acted like a value investor: “Despite the prevailing opinion that Redditors are aggressive gambling dealers, Gill at least resembles an old-school value investor like Buffett when it comes to GameStop,” writes Kim.

The volatility at GameStop will continue according to the Bloomberg author. “[Investoren] should be ready to weather another mood swell or two from Mr. Market. We know Roaring Kitty will be ready, “he says. editorial team

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Investment behavior glance Expert GameStop shareholder Roaring Kitty acts Warren Buffett Reddit community message


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