iPhone 11 Pro frozen – and thawed after 30 days


The iPhone 11 Pro that has been frozen for a month is doing fine. Apple has never advertised that the smartphone can remain underwater for long or even survive frozen, but it is like this: The smartphone is alive.

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Apple only guarantees that it can survive for half an hour at a depth of 4 meters, but that seems to be piled a little deep, as reported by the news channel CTV News. In Canada, a user had lost her expensive iPhone – of all things, in an ice hole in Waskesiu Lake in the center of Prince Albert National Park.

iPhone fishing with underwater camera

After the ice melted, the woman tried to retrieve the cell phone and, after an arduous search, was successful. Using a camera and a magnet attached to a string, she looked for the device on the bottom of the lake. Finally she caught it.

iPhone 11 Pro: Thawed, dried and charged

The iPhone dried out, then finally charged again and turned on. To the Canadian’s great amazement, the device was still working.

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iPhone Pro frozen thawed days


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