iPhone 13 Pro in matte black will be released in September


The rumors about the iPhone 13 don’t stop. Will there be a model without a charging port? Does the camera notch on the front disappear? And will there be new camera functions? The community is currently dealing with numerous questions. Now the reliable leaker Max Weinbach spoke up.

iPhone 13 Pro: New colors are coming

If Weinbach, who is often well informed, has his way, Apple could offer another color for the iPhone 13 Pro in the fall. According to him, both Pro models should be available again in a real black and be significantly darker than the graphite that was introduced in the iPhone 12 Pro. However, the classic gloss should still only be reserved for the “normal” models, while the Pro versions should come back in matt.

As it goes on, Apple is also said to have experimented with an orange or bronze shade. However, this should not appear this year. However, he assumes that the devices will be better protected against fingerprints with a new coating in 2021.

Apple’s LiDAR scanner has another function

So far, the LiDAR scanner in the iPhone 12 Pro has only been used to improve the auto focus and display AR content. In the next generation of devices, the hardware should also significantly improve the portrait mode. Until now, the software could only guess the outlines of people using several cameras. In the future, the LiDAR scanner should recognize these precisely. According to Weinbach, it will be a very big upgrade for the camera. The new system is supposed to combine camera data with the distance data of the scanner and thereby correctly detect even small edges.

What color should Apple give the iPhone 13? Should midnight green perhaps even return? Let us know in the comments.

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iPhone Pro matte black released September


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