iPhone can be unlocked with Apple Watch


It will probably not be long before Apple makes the larger update to iOS 14.5 available for download. The fifth public beta is currently available and contains some useful new features for iPhone users. In addition to the 200 new emojis that can be used with iOS 14.5, Apple includes a feature that everyone has been waiting for since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Unlock with Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, you can finally use it to unlock your iPhone. This is particularly helpful when you are out and about or wearing a mask and FaceID is not recognized. Previously, you could unlock password-protected Apple devices such as iMacs and Macbooks with the watch.

Why this simple and extremely practical feature can only be used with the iPhone after a pandemic of over a year is a mystery. However, some restrictions remain for security reasons. The watch cannot be used if an app needs FaceID to use it or to confirm an action. Apple Pay and App Store purchases cannot be legitimized in this way either.

PlayStation and Xbox controllers

With iOS 14.5 there is finally 5G support for both SIM card slots in the iPhone 12. Both the iPhone and iPad now support the PlayStation 4 DualSense and the Xbox Series X controller, which is good news for various arcade games. With Siri you can now set your preferred music app – whether you want to search for songs in Apple Music or Spotify.

Further innovations are the new transparency rules that app developers must adhere to. If apps want to track their own behavior when using other apps or while surfing, for example to display tailor-made advertising, the consent of the user will be required in the future.

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iPhone unlocked Apple Watch


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