Is Austria blocking delivery of 100 million Pfizer cans to EU?


The Austrian government is grateful for the additional ten million doses that Pfizer is making available in the second quarter alone. When it comes to distribution, trust the Portuguese Presidency and support a distribution “in a spirit of solidarity”.

Concerned EU representatives

For the further negotiations between the EU and Pfizer, the cross-sections from individual member states are not exactly helpful, reports Politico. Some diplomats expressed concern that the deal for 100 million vaccine doses could even burst by the end of the year. “Solidarity is a one-way street to Vienna,” a diplomat is quoted as saying.

The total amount of vaccine that will be delivered to EU member states by the end of 2021 is 500 million vaccine doses.

Some representatives in Brussels seem to be unclear as to whether a single country can cancel the subcontract at all. Austria has long since approved the basic agreement between the EU and Pfizer.

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Austria blocking delivery million Pfizer cans


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