Is he going too far? Michael Wendler advertises weapons online


Is that overstepping the curve? Michael Wendler (48) had already fallen out of favor last year because he threw around conspiracy-ideological statements after leaving DSDS. He then lost some of his advertising partners and instead teased pumpernickel bread and crank radios for survival in extreme cases. Has now Michael found new products to advertise and horrified many of his fans: The pop singer calls for weapons to be bought.

His Instagram channel has already been blocked for violating the guidelines – in his Telegram-Group, the 48-year-old is still active. In addition to various items for survival, he is now also teasing a pepper spray gun with an integrated laser. “For your safety and for your self-defense. Developed by professionals, approved in Germany”, it says in the associated offer. In Michaels As the adopted home of Florida, different gun laws apply than in this country.

Is the manufacturer happy about the Wendler support? In the past, other companies have clearly distanced themselves from any connection with the “don’t care” interpreter. “As the managing partner of Mestemacher GmbH, I would like to inform you that there is no business relationship between Mestemacher GmbH and Michael Wendler as well as the Kopp publishing house “, the company Mestemacher GmbH announced in a statement – their pumpernickel bread had Michael previously advertised on the net.

Action Press / Thomas Burg

Michael Wendler in the DSDS jury
Michael Wendler, pop singer
Michael Wendler in Florida in June 2020

Instagram / wendler.michael

Michael Wendler in Florida in June 2020

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Michael Wendler advertises weapons online


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