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Before the Switch impressed gamers with its hybrid functionality, it was that Nintendo 3DSwho brought true 3D games to a handheld console. Since its release nearly a decade ago, the 3DS has sold over 75 million units, making it an icon of video game hardware that revolutionized the handheld market.

Still, the legacy of the 3DS lives on through the huge roster of its legendary games. Recently unveiled the Japanese outlet Famitsu the 30 best-selling 3DS physical games, below Pokemon X / Y, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and many more. Now that the Switch has taken the place of the 3DS as Nintendo’s flagship console, some who haven’t been able to buy a 3DS are wondering if it’s still worth picking up on in 2021. While the answer to this question also depends on gaming preferences, here are five key factors that players can use to determine if the 3DS is still worth buying in 2021.

Nintendo 3DS has access to more retro Nintendo games

One of the best things about the Nintendo 3DS is that it can play classic Nintendo games from up to six different generations. The Nintendo 3DS can play almost any DS cartridge, which is perfect for those who have an extensive collection of games from the 3DS predecessor. In addition, the original 3DS can also run digital games from the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and NES.

In addition, the new 3DS console and the 2DS can play the same games. In comparison, the Switch is not backward compatible with physical games from previous generations of consoles and can only play certain NES and SNES games through Switch Online.

Nintendo 2DS XL, Nintendo 3DS XL und Nintendo 2DS (c) Nintendo

Nintendo no longer supports the original 3DS

In an official statement a few days ago, Nintendo announced that it would no longer support the original 3DS console. This means the company will no longer accept repairs due to obsolete parts in the console. It’s worth noting that while the original 3DS will no longer be supported as of March 31, the New 3DS, New 3DS XL, and the popular 2DS can still be sent in for repair. With that in mind, gamers looking to buy a 3DS in 2021 should look for the newer variants of the console.

Nintendo 3DS has a huge library of great games

Of course, the life and blood of a console are the games that gamers can access. Given the popularity of the 3DS, the console is home to some of Nintendo’s most iconic games, including several generations of Pokemon-Titles, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Fire Emblem: Awakening and many more. Since the Switch can hardly or not play 3DS games, you need a 3DS if you want to play one of the titles.

Pokemon X Y

Pokemon XY (c) Nintendo

The 3DS is the perfect console for children

Although there are many models of the 3DS at different prices, gamers can easily get into the 3DS console family for less than 100 euros. Because of its affordable price, the 3DS is the perfect console for kids who may not be for the more expensive ones Nintendo Switch to be ready. Additionally, 3DS games are relatively cheap and those who opt for physical games can easily find them at bargain prices at most retailers. On the other hand, gamers who prefer digital games can access the eShop via the virtual console, which is filled with thousands and thousands of games, including those from previous generations of other Nintendo systems.

3D games

When Nintendo first announced the 3DS a decade ago, many thought the 3D feature was just a gimmick. While the 3D functionality may not be for everyone (which is why the 2DS exists in the first place), it’s worth noting that it actually worked. The good thing is that Nintendo added a slider that allows gamers to adjust the 3D functionality, especially since it makes some uncomfortable, especially during long hours of play. Still, it’s a nice thing, especially for those looking for a more immersive way to play their favorite games.

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