Is Joana Zimmer the leopard in “The Masked Singer”?


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The ProSieben hit show “The Masked Singer” has started its fourth season. The leopard is also one of the costumes, but who is underneath? There is all the evidence and speculation here.

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The leopard in “The Masked Singer”: What are the speculations?

Since the first episode it has been clear: the leopard is one of the strongest candidates in “The Masked Singer”. Also clear: it is a woman. Both in the ProSieben app and on Twitter Juliette Schoppmann was initially the favorite.

In the meantime, the rank of Cassandra Steen was overtaken. Many of you may still remember the singer as a member of “Glashaus”. As a solo artist, the song “Stadt” was her greatest success. The comparison of voices with the leopard fits in any case. Here you can make your own picture:


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With episode 3, however, someone completely different was catapulted into the leadership position. Joana Zimmer, who was brought into play by Rea Garvey, is also currently the favorite of the viewers for the Leopard. Noticeable: the leopard is always carried on a litter when it appears. This in turn led to the assumption that the person could be blind. Or does ProSieben want to mislead us here?

Spectator tips in episode 3:

  1. Joana Zimmer (singer)
  2. Cassandra Steen (singer)
  3. Sarah Connor (singer)

Advice team tips in episode 3:

  • Rea Garvey: Joana Zimmer (singer)
  • Ruth Moschner: Leona Lewis (singer)
  • Steven Gätjen: Sarah Connor (singer)

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  1. Cassandra Steen (singer)
  2. Juliette Schoppmann (singer)
  3. Sarah Connor (singer)

Advice team tips in episode 2:

  • Rea Garvey: –
  • Ruth Moschner: Cassandra Steen (singer)
  • Smudo: someone from the “No Angels” (girl group)

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  1. Juliette Schopmann (singer)
  2. Sarah Connor (singer)
  3. Helene Fischer (singer)

Advice team tips in episode 1:

  • Rea Garvey: Ehrlich Brothers (magicians)
  • Ruth Moschner: Sarah Connor (singer)
  • Carolin Kebekus: someone from the No Angels (girl group)

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The leopard in “The Masked Singer”: What are the clues?

Before each appearance, ProSieben shows a clip with clues that are supposed to help identify the celebrity under the mask. At this point we update the information after the leopard’s appearance.

However, we question whether it is worth worrying about the evidence. This season, these are rather to be seen as a gimmick and pastime. Here we go into more detail on this topic.

  • takes ball pit in bathtub (new)
  • leaves various footprints so it cannot be tracked (new)
  • his spots are his capital (new)
  • Giraffe with a golden picture frame
  • “Gold promises wonderful times”
  • Notes on sheets of paper
  • is happy to provide information
  • reaches deep into the bag of tricks visually and acoustically
  • likes to stay hidden
  • Master of Illusion
  • does everything for the perfect camouflage
  • Repeated looking is worthwhile
  • Survivor
  • adaptable and multifaceted

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What does the leopard look like on “The Masked Singer”?

The leopard looks pretty pompous. 20 meters of fabric are used in his elaborately designed coat. “To make the fur sparkle beautifully, we covered it with individual sequins by hand,” explains mask maker Marianne Meinl. “On every black spot there are black sequins, on every yellow spot there are yellowish sequins. That was a lot of manual work. ”

The leopard’s cloak alone weighs six kilos, as ProSieben reports on its website.

The attention to detail is evident in numerous accessories such as a monocle, chains and pieces of armor.

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These are the other costumes on “The Masked Singer”

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