Is there a new drug against Covid-19 coming? Study sees protein effective against coronavirus


Researchers at the University of Ulm have proven the antiviral effect of a protein that is already used in medicines. Now these preparations could also be used in corona treatment.

  • Since the beginning of the pandemic the search for Medication versus Covid-19.
  • Now researchers at the University of Ulm have a endogenous protein discovered that against Corona should work.
  • The advantage: that antivirale Protein is already in others Preparations used.

While several vaccines have already been approved and others are in development Crown-Medikamente still in short supply: Usually the treatment takes place only in the form of anti-inflammatory drugs and other preparations, the primary special symptoms of the infection should fight. So far, however, there is only one in Germany antiviral drug to treat Covid-19 approved: Remdesivir, originally developed against Ebola – and this is only used in certain cases.

The RKI recommends “Remdesivir only for those who require oxygen but who are not ventilated Patient to be used as early as possible (ideally by day 5-7 after the onset of symptoms) ”. At a later stage or at Infectedwho have to be artificially ventilated should drug however, cannot be used. The drug corona therapy So it quickly reaches its limits.

Search for corona drugs: Researchers at the University of Ulm discover antiviral protein

Now, however, there is news for the medication from Covid-19 diseases could be important: When researching the body’s own proteins and peptides with antiviral effect scientists from the Institute for Molecular Virology at the University Hospital Ulm came across a special protein: Alpha 1 antitrypsin (α1AT), which is apparently against Corona works.

But how does the α1AT protein work in the body? Put simply, it claws Coronavirus with the so-called spike proteins to the cells in order to infect them. And this is where the alpha 1 antitrypsin comes in: It inhibits a cellular enzyme that is crucial for the activation of the spike protein. So becomes a infection of the cells as well as a spread of the Virus prevented in the body.

Antiviral protein discovered: drugs could also be used against Covid-19

This discovery could help you find corona antiviral drugs a huge step forward because Alpha 1 antitrypsin drugs are already available. They have so far been used in patients with α1AT deficiency diseases, but could soon also be used against Coronaviren come into use. ” These Medication could be used for treatment and Prevention of Covid-19 can be converted in a short time, ”write the researchers at Ulm University. Clinical studies have already started.

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drug Covid19 coming Study sees protein effective coronavirus


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