Isolation and compulsory testing: Italy is planning quarantine for EU travelers


Isolation and compulsory testing
Italy plans quarantine for EU travelers

Entering Italy from EU countries could soon become much more complicated. Those who want to go to the country have to do a corona test beforehand and stay in quarantine for five days after arriving in Italy. There should only be exceptions in rare cases.
Italy wants to tighten the rules for entry from EU countries. Those who travel to Italy from EU countries need a corona test before departure and also have to be prepared for five days of quarantine, according to the Ministry of Health. Health Minister Roberto Speranza will sign an order this Tuesday. After the five days, another corona test should be carried out. Quarantine regulations already apply to travelers outside the European Union.

From when the regulation comes into force and until when it is valid was not initially communicated. They already apply to visitors arriving from countries outside the EU. Exceptions should only be made in cases of “proven necessity and urgency”. The new rules do not apply to trips to the airport.

In Italy there is a lockdown for the entire country for the Easter days from April 3rd to 5th. This also means that people cannot travel between regions, except in emergencies or because of work. On Monday, Speranza had also signed a protocol on regions and vaccination pharmacies. In Italy, according to the Minister’s plans, pharmacists are to become part of the vaccination campaign from the end of April and immunize people against Covid-19.

The Foreign Office in Berlin is already advising against vacation trips to Italy. The entire country is assessed as a risk area. More than 108,000 corona deaths have already been registered in Italy. On Monday evening, 417 deaths and 13,000 corona infections were reported within 24 hours.

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Isolation compulsory testing Italy planning quarantine travelers


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