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EA and Hazelight are unleashing a pure co-op title on gamers with It Takes Two. We examined the playable therapy session for you in the test.

HamburgCody & May are two like Podolski & Schweinsteiger, Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, yes basically too Frodo & Sam. Or that’s not entirely true, they used to be. Today it is only enough for Karius & Baktus. Scrub in a circle for three minutes, think about the gaps and don’t forget to wash away the spit in the sink. In other words: the relationship is over. It Takes Two packs the final scenes of a marriage into a fluffy co-op adventure for two – ob Games & fun Deliver a good duo in this marriage rescue squad, ours will tell you Test on the title of developer Hazelight.

Video game It Takes Two
Date of first publication March 26, 2021
developer Hazelight Studios
editor Electronic Arts
Lead Developer Josef Fares
Genres Jump ’n’ Run, Action-Adventure, Adventure
Platforms PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series, PlayStation 5, Xbox One

It takes two in the test: staging Hui, story Pfui – two like Brad Pit & Angelina Jolie

In the beginning everything was so beautiful. Cody & May trilled like Simon & Garfunkel her personal love song out into the world. We get that in It Takes Two but not heard at all. The game begins with the “Sound of Silence“ und a pile of broken glass. „Hello Darkness my old Friend“ – This time it was probably that for good. The divorce is a done deal. The daughter of the two notices that too. She hides in the dusty shed and conjures up with her tears of mourning Cody & May accidentally into the covers of their toy dolls.

Wouldn’t that be enough of a good thing for our Rose WarBrangelina, the still couple will henceforth become manic Dr. Judge tracked. Hakim is one made flesh Book of Lovewhose letters inside are unequivocally from a Spanish Don Juan were put on paper. Shrill, annoying, completely psychopathic does not even begin to apply: Hakim is a real nuisance. His only purpose in life is Vinegar oilBringing couples back together – no matter what the cost.

It Takes Two’s story cannot choose between super kitsch and predictability.

© EA / ingame

Cody & May on the other hand, as popular figures, they are no better than the annoying psycho book. The two moan and moan like Waldorf & Statler, but don’t even come up with the worst punchline. Here poison and bile are spit in buckets that Netzer & Delling in comparison, act like super friends. You can tell why the divorce papers should be signed as soon as possible.

Seen in this way, as real empathy killers, the two are still the ultimate couple à la Bonnie & Clyde. While that at the beginning of It Takes Two Maybe still makes sense, but the dynamics clearly run out of breath after a few hours. It Takes Two is predictable like the kiss between the Beauty & the Beast. This is also the biggest failure of the new work of the developer Hazelightwho previously dealt with Brothers and A Way Out earned his spurs.

If you ask us, It Takes Two is one of the best games of the year so far.

© EA / ingame

The story just doesn’t keep what it says on the tin. As it is told is quite sublime and definitely plays in the top video game league With. What is told ends up in the RomCom grave box of horror. Lead Designer Josef Fares (and the voice of Dr. Judge!) announced in advance, with It Takes Two wanting to deliver a romantic comedy to play with.

This wouldn’t exist in the video game world yet, so it would be a sin not to be one of the first offsets of the popular popcorn genre. As interesting as the idea sounds, you could have Harry & Sally maybe you should study on a continuous loop instead of typing together a rickety basic story structure with greasy chip fingers on the typewriter.

It Takes Two in the test: A gameplay roller coaster ride – two like R2D2 & C3PO

Other studios should then be playful It Takes Two study in a continuous loop. In terms of gameplay, couples therapy is an absolute stunner. But we have to explain that a little more precisely, because the game doesn’t actually make anything extraordinary, it just does everything very well. Normally, one tingles on the scarce 12-14 hour long journey through the levels like R2D2 & C3PO above Tattooine. The task is to solve small puzzles, master jump passages, operate aircraft, operate dinosaur robots, overturn ships, beat squirrels street-fighter-like, turn time, survive shooter passages, drive trains and … yes what is actually not?

It Takes Two is one of the most varied games of all time.

© Ea / Ingame

A Super Mario Odyssey acts alongside It Takes Two like monotony in bottles. The seventh game miracle: Really all passages play well. It’s crazy how uncompromising It Takes Two introduces new mechanics and completely drops them after ten minutes at the latest without recycling them later. Hazelight the obsessive fear of modern developer studios that gamers might miss something is missing – every little drop of gameplay that you have worked on has to be drunk, otherwise the earth will certainly open up!

It Takes Two exposes this charlatanry in an impressive way and dances three more laps around the golden calf as a mockery: “Calm down, if the player misses our crazy snail race, then he’ll surely find our Polaroid photo studio.” This fearlessness lasts It Takes Two Over the entire season, the pace actually increases even more.

The cheeky squirrel Che Guevara first gets a lot of kloppe from May.

© EA / ingame

How to always get the next joke of Dick & Doof want to see, you also have to It Takes Two just stay tuned to see which world is in Hazelight the Bad luck & sulfur-Duo kidnapped next. It should be mentioned, however, that the whole thing cuts a slightly better figure on the new consoles in terms of graphics and performance, although that is not so important. By the way, thanks to Friend’s Pass you have to play the game only buy onceto be able to play it on two consoles.

This encourages well-rehearsed gaming duos to have trouble finding appointments Bill & Hillary Clinton to Bill Clinton & Monika Lewinsky be, but so be it. But there is one more thing, we just find it a little difficult to say that publicly because we don’t want to give anyone the wrong idea. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope that SHE does not read: It Takes Two is with a price of 40 Euro (just divided by two) one absolute snapper and could have been sold as a full-price title without any problems.

It Takes Two in the test: Conclusion on the co-op adventure – two like John Lennon and Yoko Ono

It Takes Two is convincing almost all along the line and gives new impulses for the medium of video games: Reason for a 9 for us!

© Ingame

It Takes Two is a true one Triumph for the medium of gaming. Never before has the genre been so varied, so uncompromising and light-footed as in this playable therapy session. If you want to understand why so many people are fascinated by video games, then there is no getting around this game to be drawn into the spell. It is all the more annoying that the story cannot keep up with its actually universal appeal.

Whoever needs his RomCom-Fix stays with it Harry & Sally. If you are looking for the twist of the knife in your heart, look yourself Wedding Story on. Don’t get us wrong, staging does It Takes Two all right, just there is a lack of narrative. It’s like with John Lennon & Yoko Ono: „Imagine“ is still very good, but the magical unity of the Beatles is broken and the perfect perfection is not there. In the end, stupid complainers complain about how I should go back to everything Lennon & Yoko, Hazelight & It Takes Two and Cody & May but in the end it doesn’t matter – All You Need is Love and so.

Pro Against
+ Fireworks of variety – The story is predictably bobbing on the spot
+ Perfect co-op fun – The Last Gen version sometimes had slight stutters
+ Very good look and sound
+ Great staging
+ Perfect length with 12-14 hours
+ Only one game needed thanks to Friend’s Pass

Header list image: © EA / ingame

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