“It was a really bad withdrawal”


Smoking accompanied her for many years of her life. Now actress Adele Neuhauser has said goodbye to the glow sticks. After 50 years and many cigarettes, she became a non-smoker.

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She was tempted very early on: “Tatort” star Adele Neuhauser smoked a cigarette for the first time at the age of just ten. Over fifty years later, she has finally puffed her last fluff. However, the path to a smoke-free life was not an easy one, as the TV actress reveals in an interview with the magazine “Bunte”.

“Suddenly I met two people who were enthusiastically talking about the same hypnotist,” said the 62-year-old about a fateful moment in her life. “Without thinking I made an appointment.” And this was sorely needed.

That’s how much Adele Neuhauser smoked

“Until then, I was smoking like a chimney. Three boxes a day. It made me feel disgusted,” Neuhauser sums up her tobacco addiction. But hypnosis turned things around. Because she actually helped the actress with nicotine withdrawal. At least temporarily, because the addiction kept coming up at first.

Neuhauser suffered from sweats, sleep disorders and crazy dreams. “A really severe withdrawal,” she says, analyzing her withdrawal from the glowing stick. Because smoking meant a lot to her and was an integral part of her lifestyle for over 50 years. What further helps her so that she does not relapse: fresh air. She now leads a much more active lifestyle.

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