Italy remains in partial lockdown until May – coronavirus –


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The Italian government wants to extend the corona restrictions beyond Easter. There will be no yellow regions in Italy until April 30th. Italy can only expect the restrictions to be relaxed from May, as emerges from a meeting between Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the CTS scientific committee, which assists the government in making decisions on the coronavirus.

While the effective number of reproductions for SARS-CoV-2 in Italy has fallen from 1.16 to 1.08 compared to the previous week, all 20 Italian regions are said to be orange or red depending on the number of infections. During the Easter holidays from April 3rd to 6th, all of Italy is a red zone. Public life will continue to be severely restricted because bars, restaurants and most of the shops remain closed.

People are no longer allowed to eat or drink in public spaces and should only leave their homes for essential things such as shopping or visiting the doctor. After Easter, however, schools should gradually reopen. Children up to the sixth grade can then go back to class. In order to facilitate the return to safe classroom teaching, students are to be tested weekly, according to a government plan. In contrast, there were protests from parents and students across Italy on Friday.

The experts are optimistic that the restrictions will soon take effect. “The epidemic curve is slowing down. We are seeing the first signs of stabilization with a decline in new infections,” said the President of Italy’s Supreme Health Institute (ISS), Silvio Brusaferro, according to media reports on Friday evening.

The Italian government wants to crack down on those who refuse to be vaccinated in the health system. “Although there is no compulsory vaccination in Italy, it is not possible for non-vaccinated health care workers to come into contact with the sick,” said Prime Minister Draghi on Friday afternoon.

Healthcare workers who do not want to be vaccinated should either be suspended from duty or given tasks that do not bring them into contact with patients, says Draghi. According to government information, 75 percent of health care workers and 70 percent of residents of old people’s homes have already been vaccinated against Corona.

The vaccination campaign is making slower progress among the teachers. Only 0.87 percent of the teaching staff had already been immunized with two doses. The first dose was injected into 874,810 teachers. That is 56.5 percent of the entire Italian teaching staff.

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Italy remains partial lockdown coronavirus


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