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“It’s not in my hand”


Bachelor Niko Griesert: “I definitely like going to Michèle”

Niko had “different feelings” for Mimi and Michèle

“My heart beats for two women”, the Bachelor had to say in tears shortly before the grand finale. Looking back, he now knows that he had “different feelings” for Mimi and Michèle. “Michèle was definitely a little bit scared […] Fear of being injured, “says Niko. With Mimi, on the other hand, it was security that attracted the bachelor’s degree.” Mimi is definitely a really, really great woman, but with us it wouldn’t be more than friendly, “he now knows.

So does his heart only beat for Michèle now? One thing is certain for the Bachelor’s degree: “I definitely enjoy approaching Michèle. And of course she has to be ready for it, too, of course.” And when Niko lets go of this sentence, the 27-year-old can’t help grinning in the interview. “Yes, of course I’m ready,” she beams.

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