Janine Kunze: Rare private insight: She shows pictures of her wedding 19 years ago


Janine Kunze has been married for 19 years. How the wedding went was unknown until now. She shared snapshots of the wedding on Instagram. And that took place in a different framework than one might think.

Janine Kunze (46) has recently made a name for herself mainly through her participation in the controversial WDR talk show “The Last Instance”. Otherwise she is rather apolitical. While she, together with her daughter Lili Budach (17), Discussed the relationship between well-known mother and pubescent daughter in the joint podcast “Kunzes Kosmos”, she gives a look behind the scenes on Instagram. Occasionally even behind the scenes of their marriage. Where and how this was closed, Janine’s 120,000 followers are now finding out for the first time with an emotional post in which she told her husband Dirk Budach (56) thanks for 19 years together. Only so much can be revealed in advance: The wedding ceremony was not based on Western traditions and accordingly managed without a white dream robe.

Would you like to see what Janine Kunze wore instead on her wedding day? Then check out the video above for a look at this unconventional wedding celebration.

Janine Kunze and her star role at “Hausmeister Krause”

Janine Kunze became known for her role as the chubby daughter Carmen in the series “Hausmeister Krause”, which was shown on Sat.1 from 1999 to 2010. From 2013 and until this year she then played alongside Kai Schumann (44) in the ZDF television series “Heldt”. Her favorite role, however, is likely to be that of the loving mother for her three children. While the eldest daughter Lili was already in front of the camera with her mom for “Heldt” and can be heard regularly with her on the mother-daughter podcast, Janine Kunze holds the two younger offspring Lola (13) and Luiz-Fritz ( 11) rather out of the public eye.

But exceptions are known to confirm the rules. In the video below you can see a rare snapshot of Janine Kunze’s family.

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