Japan cancels the Olympics


Sho Endo, former Olympic skier, carries the Olympic torch and drives down a slope with children. The torch relay started on March 25th.
Image: dpa

After the foreign fans, the athlete families and the international helpers, Japan has now also unloaded half of the official visitors from the Summer Games in Tokyo. For fear of virus mutants, most Japanese support the cancellation of the games.

Japan’s government also wants to significantly reduce the number of official Olympic guests at the Summer Games in Tokyo because of the corona pandemic. As the Japanese television broadcaster NHK reported on Saturday, citing the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Japanese government had expressed the need to the IOC to significantly reduce the number of official visitors who were not directly involved in hosting the competitions. According to information from the Japanese news agency Kyodo, the number of official Olympic guests is to be cut by half to around 30,000 people.

An estimated 90,000 people from abroad are expected, including around 30,000 athletes, coaches and team members. As a further precautionary measure against the spread of the virus, the government now wants to halve the number of all those who are not directly involved in the competitions.

The people don’t want the games

According to the NHK, those affected could include guests of IOC members as well as former winners of Olympic medals, so-called “Athlete Legends”. Japan has already blocked foreign fans, athlete families and most international helpers from the games.

However, according to Kyodo, the Japanese government has now decided that further drastic cuts are necessary in order to gain the understanding of the Japanese people for hosting the Games. According to the latest polls, a clear majority of Japanese are in favor of postponing the games again or even canceling them. Talks with organizations affected by further cuts should begin shortly, it said. In addition to guests from the IOC and the International Paralympic Committee, this could include representatives of international sports associations and the media. Furthermore, guests from sponsors could be affected, reported Kyodo.

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Japan cancels Olympics


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