Japanese company releases employees for “Monster Hunter Rise”


The new game for the Nintendo Switch “Monster Hunter Rise” has been officially available in stores internationally since March 26th. Many employees of a Japanese company turned out to be such big fans that they took a vacation especially for the day. The company decided to simply put all of its employees off for the day.

The Japanese company Mark-On Ltd. develops various technology gadgets and many of the employees there are real gamers. Because of this, numerous vacation requests were received for March 26th, the official release date for the game “Monster Hunter Rise”.

All employees receive a day off

Due to the numerous requests for leave of absence, the management decided to make March 26, 2021 an official holiday for its employees. It was assumed that the employees who had not been given a vacation would not have been able to concentrate on their work anyway.

The Huffington Post Japan reached the person in charge Masaki Hiyama on the phone, where he confirmed that many employees had asked for a vacation day for August 26th to play the new “Monster Hunter” game long beforehand. The large number of inquiries led to the decision to give all employees a day off.

Everyone at Mark-On was naturally delighted with this decision. Many fans from all over the world said on Twitter that they would like their companies to follow suit.

Release notice Image: Huffington Post Japan

“Monster Hunter” and “Dragon Quest” – the hits in Japan

The “Monster Hunter” franchise is extremely successful in Japan. Every new publication is enthusiastically received by the fans and generates a great response in the media.

There is also a similar response to franchises for the game “Dragon Quest”, which is why Square Enix decided to always release new games on Saturdays. In this way, the aim is to prevent the young players in particular from skipping school to gamble.

In this country, “Monster Hunter” fans can also go hunting again from March 26th. On the official Nintendo Switch homepage, players who still want to immerse themselves in the world of hunters can get a first impression of the game and pick up some useful tips.


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Japanese company releases employees Monster Hunter Rise


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