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Spring is just around the corner: The first warm rays of sunshine reach our face and spring fever spreads. A time in which we go outside more and sit down in the fresh grass or even cherish the longing for the quarry pond. This also includes being accompanied with our favorite music or even being entertained in a nice atmosphere at the grill. We tested the Extrem 3 from JBL for you – a portable Bluetooth speaker with a long runtime. The JBL Extrem 3 is offered at an RRP of 299 euros, but is already available at amazon.de for 239.99 euros – you can choose between 3 color variants (Black Camo, Blue, Black).

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Outfit & Show

Made to take away

We once had the JBL Charge 4 in the test for you, a handy Bluetooth speaker for all situations. The Extreme 3 can be called a big brother because it is much bigger. The JBL Extreme is in the 3rd generation and has not only been designed in a more modern way. Compared to its predecessor, the JBL Extrem 2, the JBL Extrem 3 was given the JBL Party Boost. From a visual point of view, the JBL logo now appears much more modern and larger on the Bluetooth speaker. The “sound tube” has been reinforced with additional rubber on the sides to provide more robustness in handling. In this way, the JBL-Tube quickly absorbs falls undamaged.

The JBL Extrem 3 is delivered in an attractive box, which already tells us about its features. The JBL loudspeaker offers modern Bluetooth 5.1, is waterproof and dustproof according to IP67 certification – can be briefly immersed under water – and offers a battery life of 15 hours, which can also be used as a power bank.

The Extrem 3 from JBL has been available on the market since last summer and we felt that when we unpacked. JBL completely dispenses with styrofoam and embeds the Bluetooth speaker in a climate-friendly press cardboard box. In this way, the packaging can be completely disposed of in the waste paper. In addition to the actual speaker, the user manual including data sheet and warranty card, a carrying strap and the charger with USB-C plug and power supply unit are also included. It can be noted here that the charging time is around 2.5 hours and a full charge should enable us to operate for 15 hours.

If we hold the JBL Extrem 3 in our hands for the first time, its dimensions of 30 cm in length with a tube of around 13.5 cm sloping outwards. We can therefore justifiably call it the big brother of the JBL Charge series and this is also reflected in the weight. The JBL Extrem 3 weighs just under 2 kilograms and so that it can be taken along in a loose, flaky way, JBL has given the Extrem 3 a classy shoulder strap with extremely robust carabiners. The length of the shoulder strap can be adjusted and even has rubber bands in the shoulder area so that it does not slip over the shoulder. That also reflects the overall quality of workmanship, because the carabiner and the eyelet for size adjustment are made of metal and not plastic. A bottle opener has even been integrated into the eyelet so that the next ice-cold bottle of beer can be opened. Everything here has been trimmed for extreme use, which can also be seen in other details. All necessary connections, such as for charging, were hidden behind a waterproof rubberized “flap” and the end pieces of the “tube” were reinforced with additional buffers. The general processing quality is worthy of JBL’s and is convincing all along the line. With all the well thought-out details for use “in the fresh air”, JBL remains true to its design and thus underlines the fact that it belongs to the JBL family.

Technology & sound image

We have a party!

As can already be seen on the box, the JBL Extreme has the Bluetooth 5.1 standard, which brings us the A2DP 1.3 and AVRCP 1.6 protocols. AVRCP is used for “remote control” so that we can select the next track directly on the smartphone or even define the volume. A2DP is responsible for the transmission of audio and automatically includes the SBC codec. The SBC codec is unfortunately not the best in terms of sound quality, but license-free. ACC or aptX would certainly have been desirable in the modern world, but in the wild, SBC is completely sufficient – there is no question of a bad sound image!

The JBL Extreme 3 spits out up to 25 watts RMS power.

Inside the JBL tube, two 70 mm woofers and two 20 mm tweeters have been placed, each delivering 25 watts RMS in AC power mode. Regardless of whether it is quiet or fully turned up, the sound remains dynamic and powerful at all times. The highs are there, even if they could use a little more support from the middle, because the two bass radiators are already punching in and play the lows dominantly. Real party sound is offered here, which can also go one step higher with the JBL PartyBoost. If that’s still not enough, you are welcome to use another PartyBoost compatible JBL loudspeaker – for even more party sound or a stereo mode.

For better control and control of PartyBoost and speakers from JBL, the JBL Connect app is available in the App Store and Google Play. It doesn’t offer much, but it allows two speakers to be connected better and the battery level is also clearly visible, because the power bank function can be used to quickly keep a smartphone alive without having to give up the ghost yourself.

Ghetto blaster mode included.


Powerful sound, anytime

With the portable waterproof loudspeaker Extrem 3, JBL brings a real party maker who doesn’t run out of breath easily. In terms of sound, it always remains powerful and, especially with its JBL PartyBoost, delivers good musical entertainment without being geared towards a specific genre. Even the white sand on the beach and the cooling water cannot harm the speaker. It’s made sturdy, like a mountain hunter, and doesn’t let you look in despair at the crown cap of a beer bottle. Put your clothes on, choose music, turn it up and party. Then spring can come! We recommend the JBL Extreme 3 without batting an eyelid.

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JBL Extrem Test Play Experience


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