Jeff Lowe: Tiger King star suffers stroke


Jeff Lowe, known from the Netflix documentary “Tiger King”, had to be hospitalized for a stroke. He senses the next scandal behind it.

Has the next chapter in the absurd farce about “Tiger King” Joe Exotic (58, “I Saw a Tiger”) been written all by himself? As the US website “TMZ” reports, one of the protagonists of the Netflix documentary, Jeff Lowe, had to be flown to hospital because of a stroke. It is said that Lowe just jumped the shovel of death. Although it is now stable and therefore out of danger to life, the cause of the stroke is still a mystery to the treating doctors. Lowe and his wife Lauren do not rule out the possibility of a poison attack, according to the report.

“Tiger King” star Jeff Lowe had a stroke

A few days ago the couple was approached at dinner by a stranger who finally bought them drinks. The couple now suspect that Lowe may have spilled something into the drink that could have caused the stroke. According to “TMZ”, this is only the speculation of the two. No traces of suspicious substances were found in the blood.

Joe Exotic remains in jail

“Tiger King” fans know Jeff Lowe as the man who initially bought into Joe Exotic’s wildlife park for big cats as a partner and finally took over the facility – much to the “Tiger King” s displeasure. He is currently serving a more than 20 year prison sentence for the alleged order to murder his opponent Carole Baskin (59). If that doesn’t provide enough material for a second season of the successful documentary …

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Jeff Lowe Tiger King star suffers stroke


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