Jens Spahn is in the crossfire of criticism and defends himself


      March 5, 2021, 6:40 p.m.
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Berlin There is just enough to criticize, as Health Minister Jens Spahn knows. At the recent federal press conference, the minister defends himself and makes the countries responsible for vaccine supply. He also stressed that pandemic vaccination should also be the most important topic in the election year.

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    Jens Spahn (CDU) is not only pocketed, he is now also handing out.  Photo: dpa


Things are not going very well for Jens Spahn at the moment. His poll numbers are falling, he was already more popular within the government, the Federal Minister of Health has to form a Corona task force with Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU). Others would take cover in his situation, Spahn regularly presents himself in public. He’s been going to the federal press conference every Friday for a few weeks now, where he doesn’t know beforehand what the capital’s journalists want to know from him.

The event is broadcast live in Corona times, there is a risk of maximum embarrassment if you give a stupid answer to critical questions. There is just enough to criticize, Spahn knows that too. The vaccine supply continues to be sluggish, and rapid and self-tests are not yet really available. The Minister of Health therefore had to listen to a lot of criticism at the last Corona summit.

Rapid tests nationwide from Monday

But Spahn doesn’t let all that sit on him and plays the ball back. Rapid tests will be available nationwide from Monday, and his media people have already found a name for them: Citizen tests. “There are more than enough of these quick tests,” says Spahn, rejecting the accusation that he did not order in time. And it is pointed out several times that it is now the responsibility of the federal states to bring the tests to men and women. “The federal government sets the framework and bears the costs that the countries shape,” emphasizes Spahn and even offers itself “as a contact point” for the prime ministers.

Spahn also lets it be known that he does not fully agree with Wednesday’s resolutions. The easing went to the limit of what is justifiable in terms of health protection, he says. So that it doesn’t appear as if he is going against the resolutions and thus against the party friends, the CDU politician adds that no loosening would have been an alternative.

The number of new infections is increasing again

The Minister of Health underscores his skepticism with references to the current corona development. There is another situation with new infections “that we would all have liked to leave behind,” says Spahn. Unfortunately, increasing numbers are a reality again, he explains, while RKI boss Lothar Wieler sits next to him and nods seriously as usual. Against this background, Spahn also makes the federal states responsible for the supply of vaccines. They would have “announced that they would increase capacities quickly. That is crucial for our pace,” says the minister, and that will piss off some in the state chancelleries. Most of the country heads have been saying for weeks that they would like to vaccinate more – if there were more vaccines.

The CDU politician even goes further in his criticism of some politicians. In this election year, too, the pandemic is the most important topic, says Spahn. “The nerves are on edge, the stress is there and the longing for normalcy,” he explains, and by that he is likely to mean not only the population but also top politicians such as the possible Union Chancellor candidate Markus Sder (CSU) and the SPD Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz, who are at the Corona – Verbal thrashing of each other at the summit on Wednesday.

A fatal impression, says Spahn. Because the citizens should have the impression “that we are doing this for factually justified reasons and not because there are still a few more appointments this year,” he says with a view to the six state elections and the one federal election. The CDU party vice-president sums it up and grimaces a little.

In April the situation on the vaccination front could ease, Spahn gives hope. There would then be so many vaccination doses available that the doctor’s practices could also be routinely involved in the vaccinations. If there were to be enough quick and self-tests, Jens Spahn’s situation could relax again.

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Jens Spahn crossfire criticism defends


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