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US President Joe Biden has doubled his goal for the ongoing corona vaccination campaign in the United States: 200 million vaccinations are to be given in the first 100 days of his term in office. This is an ambitious but achievable goal, he said at his first formal press conference in the White House.

Before taking office, Biden had promised that 100 million vaccinations would be given in his first 100 days. This goal was achieved at the end of last week, after almost 60 days in office. His new goal should be achieved by mid-April.

After almost half an hour of the press conference, the question that had to come came: Would Biden want to run again for the presidential election? Then he would be 81 years old. The surprising answer: he intends to do it, that is his expectation. And yes, Kamala Harris would then be his vice president again, and no, he doesn’t know if he will face Donald Trump. His predecessor, Biden sighed rather pretended, oh god, he missed him.

A much more problematic issue for Biden is immigration. The number of those who want to come to the USA at the Mexican border is increasing. But that had nothing to do with the fact that he was such a nice guy, said Biden. Every year there is a significant increase in the winter months. His administration is trying to fix what Trump has destroyed. And he will not apologize for not separating children from their mothers anymore. But: The overwhelming majority of people at the border are being sent back, only the unaccompanied minors are not.

Biden has entrusted his deputy with solving the immigration issue. “I can’t think of anyone who is better qualified,” said Biden. “I’m giving you a difficult job,” he admitted. Harris also said there was “no question” that the situation was “challenging”. The processing of asylum applications must be accelerated.

Biden invites Putin and Xi to online climate summit

US President Joe Biden wants to hold a major online climate summit with his counterparts from Russia and China. Biden said in Washington on Friday that he has not yet spoken to Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin and Chinese head of state Xi Jinping. “But they know that they have been invited.” 40 heads of state and government are to take part in this online summit on April 22nd and 23rd. Biden has made the fight against climate change a top priority. At the same time, he has announced a sharper pace towards rivals Russia and China. While on the one hand forging an international alliance to contain China, Biden caused a sensation with sharp tones against Putin. He called this “killer”.


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