Judith Rakers’ sticky mishap happens on MDR talk show


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Judith Rakers is known as a serious, always top-styled “Tagesschau” spokeswoman. But the 45-year-old also had a mishap – most recently on the MDR talk show “Riverboat”, on which she was a guest on Friday evening (March 26th).

  • Judith Rakers: Mishap in MDR talk show “Riverboat”
  • Judith Rakers: Egg sticks under leather leggings
  • Judith Rakers apologizes for “strange noises”

The top topic in the MDR talk show “Riverboat” on Friday evening: Easter. In addition to Judith Rakers, numerous other guests were also guests, including the exhibitor Dorothea Tschöke.

Judith Rakers on MDR talk show: Blowing eggs ends in mishap

Tschöke founded an Easter egg museum in her hometown of Sabrodt in 2002. In it, she exhibits Easter eggs, which she first blows out and then finally paints with various, creative patterns.

On Friday evening, the guests of the talk show can each prepare an Easter egg together – first, the egg white and egg yolk are blown through a hole from the inside of the egg. Then a wide variety of patterns could be scratched into the colorful eggshell with the cutter knife.

However, while blowing out the eggs, Judith Rakers made an unpleasant mishap. When she was later approached by “Riverboat” host Kim Fisher, Rakers initially responded with an apology.

Judith Rakers on “Riverboat”: “Makes strange noises”

“I apologize, it makes strange noises when I move,” she said. “Because: I broke the egg completely when I was blowing out the eggs. Then the egg is over my pants – I’m wearing leather leggings – in the seat. And now the leather leggings have stuck to the leather armchair. ”

Ouch – the other guests on the talk show immediately sparked a roar of laughter from Rakers’ confession. “Well, I want to apologize for everything,” repeated the 45-year-old, embarrassed.

Kim Fisher reacted enthusiastically to Judith Rakers’ humorous story: “I would have thought earlier: My God, what a princess, now she’ll probably get upset when the egg blows out. But you’re not at all, ”she thought.

“I think the people who only know me from the ‘Tagesschau’ always have the image that I am so incredibly serious and so seriously that I hardly laugh or smile and always have this incredibly beautifully coiffed hair and always wear a blazer, ”said Judith Rakers.

Her private life is very different: Judith Rakers has lived on a farm for several years. Most recently she even wrote a book about planting vegetables and keeping chickens. It’s called “Home Farming” and promptly landed on the Spiegel bestseller list.

“I’m a very down-to-earth, nature-loving guy,” said the ARD journalist on the talk show. “I also talk about keeping chickens. That’s why I’m particularly annoyed that my egg broke, of all people. ” (ta)

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Judith Rakers sticky mishap MDR talk show


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