Kai Ebel is thrown out – 30 points for Nicolas Puschmann


Cologne. Formula 1 reporter Kai Ebel flew as the fourth celebrity from the RTL dance show “Let’s Dance”. After the audience voting and only ten points from the jury, the 56-year-old will no longer dance with professional dancer Kathrin Menzinger for the title in the 14th season after the Easter break. Ebel himself had compared dancing to a near-death experience. After the slow fox that Ebel and Menzinger showed on Friday evening, adjudicator Joachim Llambi said: “Basically it was a mixture of“ Hobbythek ”with Jean Pütz and“ Dinner for One ”with James.“ He just doesn’t have a slow fox seen.

3.90 million viewers followed the program, the market share was 15.2 percent. “I hope you had a little fun with us,” said Ebel afterwards, according to the video on the “Let’s dance” page on Instagram. He thanked his dance partner Menzinger for teaching him a lot of discipline and dancing. The professional dancer replied that she knew how difficult he was every week.

The jury chose ex- “Prince Charming” Nicolas Puschmann (29), who with Vadim Garbuzov showed a contemporary dance – a fairly free, contemporary dance – as the best dance couple. As the only duo that evening, the two, who are the first male couple to appear in the German “Let’s Dance” story, received the maximum score of 30. Anything else would have been “cheek”, said Llambi.

Llambi would like Jan Hofer to be more agile

He was more critical of actor Erol Sander (52), who showed a rumba with Marta Arndt. “It was a bit of the standing erol,” Llambi criticized. In between he had the feeling that he could take a nap. According to Llambi, it was similar with the tango of Ballermann icon Mickie Krause (50) and Malika Dzumaev. It felt like Valium on the floor, he said.

The jurors Llambi, Motsi Mabuse and Jorge González gave Sander and Arndt 14 points, Krause and Dzumaev got 11. Apart from Ebel and Menzinger, only the former “Tagesschau” head spokesman Jan Hofer (69) and professional dancer Christina Luft did worse. They also only scored 10 points with their Samba. “I really have to say, Christina gave everything,” said Hofer after the dance. Llambi said he wanted more agility.

Damen gewinnen „Boys vs. Girls Special“

From the jury’s point of view, actress Valentina Pahde (26) and Valentin Lusin with the salsa (27 points), soccer players Rúrik Gíslason (33) and Renata Lusin with a tango (26 points) and singer Ilse DeLange (43) were significantly better than the men. and Evgeny Vinokurov with a Charleston (26 points). At Pahde, Mabuse praised the elegance, at DeLange for showing her potential. Gíslason had put himself under pressure after scoring full points the previous week. “It’s been a tough week,” he said.

In the annual “Boys vs. Girls Special”, the women won with nine points. The jury gave the men three points less. This year men and women had to take turns dancing to the same medley.

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Kai Ebel thrown points Nicolas Puschmann


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