Katia Winter: “Sleepy Hollow” star joins the third “The Boys” season


Katia Winter will join Jensen Ackles as another new addition to the much acclaimed and crazy superhero series “The Boys”.

For the third season of “The Boys”, the superhero series of a different kind, another notable increase can be booked. Actress Katia Winter (37), known from series such as “Dexter” or “Sleepy Hollow”, will play the character Little Nina in the upcoming episodes. This is reported by the US site “Deadline”. Fans of the comic book should have remembered the character for their excessive predilection for sex toys.

Katia Winter comes to “The Boys”

As the Russian underworld boss, the short-grown Little Nina also has the habit of making heads burst. The splatter, which “The Boys” has literally stood for since the first second, will also be taken care of in season three. Then “Supernatural” actor Jensen Ackles (43) will also be there. He plays the character Soldier Boy in the Amazon production. There is not yet a specific start date for the third season, it would probably be realistic at the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022.

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Katia Winter Sleepy Hollow star joins Boys season


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