Key figures for the corona crisis: Divi data: Covid-19 intensive cases


Key figures for the corona crisis
Divi data: Covid-19 intensive cases

The trend graph shows the development of the number of Covid-19 intensive care patients and ventilated cases over time. The time series begins in the late summer of 2020 at a time when the number of cases was low and the extent of the second wave of infection was not yet apparent. In the peak phase of the first wave in spring 2020, slightly more than 2500 intensive care beds in Germany were occupied with corona cases.

“The aim of the Divi Intensive Care Register is to make the availability of ventilation beds and advanced therapy measures for acute lung failure in Germany visible,” is how the association of intensive care, specialist and emergency physicians sums up the idea behind the project. Around 2300 members are behind the data collection, from individual specialists to researchers and professional associations to the large professional associations and scientific institutes.

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Key figures corona crisis Divi data Covid19 intensive cases


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