Kickl defends demo performance and attacks police


Herbert Kickl’s demo has been causing criticism for days. The FPÖ club chairman accuses the police of planning an escalation at the corona demo last weekend. The police union, in turn, accuses Kickl of promoting violence against the police.

AUSTRIA. It was a “great festival of freedom,” Kickl said in a press conference today. Both the media and the government, who had criticized him personally after the recent demonstrations, accused him of distortions and distortions. An “ice cold and overwhelmed Federal Chancellor” and an “incompetent and almost pitiful interior minister” let their frustration out on the FPÖ club boss.

However, he accused the police of planning an escalation. He now wants to refute the allegations against himself by calling eyewitnesses and paint a more comprehensive picture of the demonstrations. Video clips, some of which Kickl had shown, and reports from law enforcement officers would show the police’s “strategy”. The order was to bring everything to the display. Demonstrators were “lured into traps”.

Round table should clarify contact

For future protests against the Corona measures, Kickl spoke out in favor of a round table made up of the Ministry of the Interior, police leaders and representatives of civil society to clarify how to deal with them. The FPÖ club boss offered free legal assistance from the party to people who were reported in the course of the rally. Kickl also received support from FPÖ security spokesman Hannes Amesbauer, who spoke of “fake news”.

Extremist groups used violence against the police

The State Police President of Vienna, Gerhard Pürstl, had already described the police’s view of the weekend’s events on Monday. “We wanted to avoid any kind of escalation, but we wanted to act as consistently as possible against people who violate the Corona measures,” said Pürstl, outlining the strategy pursued by the police. More about it here.

The police union accused Kickl on Tuesday of having “fueled” the mood. In addition, the demonstrations were used by “extremist groups” to “practice rioting and violence against the police,” said the chairman of the police union, Reinhard Zimmermann (FCG). Injured police forces, numerous arrests and hundreds of reports were the result. “The whole thing is even fueled by representatives of a parliamentary party whose club chairman and former interior minister should better take the side of the police instead of adding fuel to the fire, encouraging non-compliance with the corona measures and thus the willingness to use violence against the police to promote “, criticized Zimmermann the FPÖ club boss sharply. “To stir up the mood for political purposes and thereby unnecessarily endanger colleagues is completely irresponsible.”

Should Kickl resign?

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Kickl defends demo performance attacks police


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