Killing in Venice Beach: Pharrell Williams’ cousin was shot dead by a police officer


Music producer and designer Pharrell Williams (47) shared a depressing picture with his twelve million followers on Instagram on Monday. Pictured is his cousin Donovon Lynch, who was shot dead on March 26th in a scuffle in the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Pharrell is heartbroken: “The loss of these lives is an incredible tragedy. My cousin Donovon was killed in a shooting. It is imperative that my family and the families of the other victims get the transparency they deserve. VA Beach is the epitome of hope – we will get through this, ”he writes in the post.

During the exchange of fire on Friday evening, in which the police were involved, there were a total of two deaths and eight people were injured, some of them life-threatening. Donovon, who was killed by a uniformed officer at the age of 25, was about a block away from the actual conflict. According to the police report, he had a handgun with him.

The second deceased is called Deshayla Harris, was a local person and was 29 years old. She was not shot by an officer.

On the night of the incident, there were a total of three shootings in Virginia Beach that appeared to have nothing to do with each other. Donovon’s case is under investigation by the Virginia Beach Homicide Squad, which is interrogating the officer in charge. You can find the current statement in the tweet below.

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Killing Venice Beach Pharrell Williams cousin shot dead police officer


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