Klettgau: Covid 19 vaccination: sigh of relief in the eastern district


Last Friday there was great relief and gratitude in front of and in the community hall in Grießen. There, 500 over 80-year-olds from seven communities in the eastern district received the long-awaited first vaccination against the Covid virus. At short notice, the central vaccination center in Freiburg provided 500 additional vaccination doses from the manufacturer Moderna for the vaccination campaign in Klettgau. These vaccinations were not diverted from the contingent of the district vaccination center in Tiengen – as was often assumed.

The 88-year-old Lotte Böttger from Wutöschingen (pictured with her daughter Evelyn Wiesmann) is happy to finally be vaccinated after a long wait.

The 88-year-old Lotte Böttger from Wutöschingen (pictured with her daughter Evelyn Wiesmann) is happy to finally be vaccinated after a long wait.

For the community administrations concerned, it was a great logistical challenge to contact all citizens over 80 in the short time available and to coordinate the allocation of appointments. “But we did it, all employees and helpers worked hard and even sacrificed their free time to organize the vaccination appointment as well as possible,” emphasized the Mayor of Klettgau, Ozan Topcuogullari.

Smooth organization

The mayors of the neighboring communities, Georg Eble (Wutöschingen) and Manfred Weber (Küssaberg), who insisted on stopping by and thanking their colleagues from Klettgau for the organization, also confirmed that everything went smoothly.

All over 80-year-olds from Klettgau, Wutöschingen, Küssaberg, Hohentengen, Dettighofen, Lottstetten and Jestetten who could be reached at short notice received their first vaccination in Grießen, with all participating communities sending helpers. The second vaccination appointment in Grießen will take place on Friday, May 7th.

Fortunately, the spring weather prevailed and therefore the neighboring FC home was not needed as a waiting room. The Herrenstrasse had seats in front of the hall, so that the vaccinees – most of them accompanied – could spend the waiting time relaxed in the sun, at least in the afternoon.

Great gratitude

The mobile vaccination team under the leadership of the district’s pandemic and vaccination officer, Dr. Olaf Boettcher, had his hands full. The doctor Boettcher explained: “I would vaccinate decentrally seven days a week, because then you are through in a very short time!”

The vaccination lasted until late afternoon. The last to go was 105 Wutöschingers, including 88-year-old Lotte Böttger, who was accompanied by her daughter. She explained: “I am forever happy and very grateful to be vaccinated at last.” A point of view that should represent all other 499 people who are vaccinated.

The vaccination appointment

500 doses of the Moderna vaccine were administered during the decentralized vaccination campaign in Grießen. From Klettgau there were 120 people over the age of 80, from Wutöschingen 105, Küssaberg 91, Jestetten 76, Hohentengen 59, Lottstetten 31 and Dettighofen 18.

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Klettgau Covid vaccination sigh relief eastern district


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