Kloster sells more than two tons of cheese in online challenge


Because hardly any customer strayed into their monastery shop to buy the famous Reblochon cheese due to the corona pandemic, the monks of the French Cistercian abbey Abbaye de Cîteaux came up with an unusual idea: they wanted half of the 4,000 remaining cheese wheels with them by Monday evening get rid of a total weight of more than two tons. That hit a nerve: just one day after the start of the “Challenge” on Friday, all of the cheese was sold out.
»Operation completed – 2006.9 kilos pre-ordered in 24 hours! The sale is over, there is no cheese left! «Is written in English and French on the site» divinebox.fr «, an online shop for monastery products. One of the monks shot a video of the monastery cheese dairy together with the online shop and used it to spread the sales campaign on social media.

Sales had slumped by almost half

The pandemic had also caused sales difficulties in the monastery, although its award-winning Reblochon, which has been produced and awarded since 1925, is usually very popular – it sells as far as Japan. But not only did customers stay away from the monastery shop because of the corona restrictions, the closed restaurants also stopped ordering cheese, Brother Jean-Claude told the AFP news agency. Sales have therefore decreased by almost 50 percent.

“What should we do,” said the monk responsible for marketing the cheese. “We told our cows to give less milk, but they don’t want to understand.” And the walls in the overcrowded cellar couldn’t be moved either. But that doesn’t seem to be necessary anymore.

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Kloster sells tons cheese online challenge


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