Knog Oi Classic: Optimized classic with more volume


With the Knog Oi Classic, the Australian manufacturer is launching a revised version of its ring-shaped bell. Interesting for everyone who wants an inconspicuous alternative to the classic bell on the handlebars. We have all the information for you!

Knog Oi Classic: information and prices

With the revision of the model, the 2016 when Knog Oi started a Kickstarter campaign, the manufacturer of the ring bell has worked hard: Work has been done on the volume in particular; in the future, the sound should be heard at an average volume of 85 decibels over the bike path or trail.

  • Bell volume an average of 85 decibels
  • CNC-milled sound box, nylon reinforced clamp
  • size 22.2 mm and 31.8 mm diameter clamp
  • Colours diverse
  • Availability from now on
  • price 19,99 €

# Knog Oi Classic – in the new version the ring bell gets more volume. It should be 85 decibels on average.

The bell is in many different colors ...
# The bell is in many different colors …
... and two diameters available in 22.2 mm and 31.8 mm.
# … and two diameters available in 22.2 mm and 31.8 mm.

For more volume, the hammer has been made smaller and stronger, and a shorter, harder spring has been installed. This should not only ensure stability, but also make the bell ring louder. Because an average of 85 decibels is reached, the bell is even approved for e-bikes.

What has remained is the body made of CNC-milled aluminum and the subtle look. Available in two sizes, the bell with the nylon-reinforced clamp fits either a handlebar with a diameter of 22.2 mm or one with a diameter of 31.8 mm. The weight is 18 g or 25 g. Any cables can run through a recess in the clamp. The bell is now available in various colors for € 19.99.

What do you think of the new Knog Oi Classic?

Information and pictures: Press release Cosmics Sports

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Knog Classic Optimized classic volume


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