Kurz insists on discussions about vaccine distribution


It is also completely incomprehensible that the EU exports 70 million doses of corona vaccines to all parts of the world, and has not received any vaccines from outside the EU.

“That is a massive mismatch,” said Kurz. He therefore supports Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in her goal of counteracting this and advocating export controls. However, the Chancellor emphasized that he could not anticipate the outcome of the summit.

“Cost what it may”

When fighting the pandemic, the motto “cost what it wants” should apply, emphasized Kurz. The discussion that there is a financial restriction of 200 million euros in Austria for the procurement of vaccines is therefore “absurd”. So far, 80 million euros have been spent and 30 million cans ordered, the problem lies in the delay in deliveries, said Kurz.

In any case, Austria has got a lot going on the issue of vaccine distribution, Kurz continued. The heads of state and government had agreed that the vaccines would be delivered proportionally based on the population distribution, but this was changed by a decision by the health officials so that Malta would now receive three times as many vaccines as Bulgaria in the first half of the year. But he believes that there is now more understanding for a balance within the EU.

Video: Analysis: EU summit and vaccine distribution

He is also very pleased that there is an exchange with US President Joe Biden today, said Kurz. “I am firmly convinced that we as Europeans need strong transatlantic relations” in order to be able to tackle many important issues such as free trade together, explained Kurz. Regarding the relationship with Turkey, Kurz said he was glad that the situation with the EU states Greece and Cyprus had eased. At the same time, however, he was of the opinion that the human rights situation in Turkey was a major cause for concern, such as the recent withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention and the planned ban on the opposition party HDP.

Video: Kurz insists on vaccine distribution talks

The EU video summit on the vaccine scarcity and relations with Turkey started at noon. First of all, there was an exchange with the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli. The top topic of the summit is the acceleration of production and delivery of the previously scarce corona vaccines. In addition, the EU heads of state and government wanted to discuss the complicated relationship with Turkey.

In the evening, US President Joe Biden wanted to join in for an exchange at times. The summit is planned for two days, but it was not previously ruled out that one could get through in one day. The originally planned physical meeting in Brussels had been canceled due to the pandemic.


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Kurz insists discussions vaccine distribution


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