Lack of paternal love, racism and suicidal thoughts behind palace walls


Meghan (39) has thought of suicide, Harry (36) was very disappointed with his father Prince Charles (72), and the British royal family is said to have been very concerned about the skin color of their son Archie (1): The TV interview from Meghan and Harry threatens to tear up the British royal family. “I just didn’t want to be alive anymore,” Meghan said in the eagerly anticipated interview on the US broadcaster CBS about her time when she was pregnant with son Archie two years ago.

The grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and his wife felt abandoned by the royal family – also when it came to racism. In the years that Meghan spent in the palace, no family member had ever stood up against racist attacks and “colonial undertones” in reporting, Harry criticized. “That hurt.”

Racism in the royal family

On the contrary: Racist mind games also occurred in one’s own family. When she was pregnant with son Archie, there were concerns “how dark his skin could be when he is born,” Meghan said. While they answered all other questions openly, the couple remained silent about the details. Harry insisted that he would never say who talked to them about it.

The American broadcaster CBS advertised the interview with a big fireworks display and heated the mood with several clips. Even before the broadcast, the relationship between the couple, who emigrated with Archie to Meghan’s home USA about a year ago, and the palace was poisoned.

The Queen and the other royals did not comment on the interview and demonstratively went about their daily duties. But in the British public, Meghan and Harry came under heavy fire. It was a cheek that they stuck to the broadcast, even though Harry’s grandfather Prince Philip (99) is in the hospital, according to the reaction in some media.

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The couple made an obvious effort not to tear down all the bridges. Harry called his grandmother Queen Elizabeth (94), as a model. Meghan praised her sister-in-law, Prince William’s wife Kate (40), as “good people”, contradicting reports of a break. And Harry is also hoping for a reconciliation with his brother William (39). “Time heals all wounds, hopefully,” he said. The prince only criticized his father Charles. “I will always love him, but there have been a lot of offenses.”

In two hours – including numerous commercials – presenter Oprah Winfrey hardly left out a topic. And received some exclusive news. They married three days before the dream wedding, which was broadcast worldwide, in a very private circle, Meghan said. And that the second child she is currently expecting will be a girl. The due date is in summer.

The couple should have settled in well in the USA by now and live in a 12.3 million expensive villa in Montecito in the east of Santa Barbara. The 1,300 square meter property has nine bedrooms, a home cinema and a wellness oasis, and there is also a pool and a tennis court on the property.

Luxurious California life

The 36-year-old Queen grandson and his wife are in prominent company: presenter Oprah Winfrey, for example, owns several properties in the area.

The conversation, broadcast on Sunday evening (local time) at prime US air time, was Meghan and Harry’s first joint interview since the couple had given up their royal duties and isolated themselves financially from the royal family. According to the New York Times, Meghan and Harry are also said to have recently concluded a deal with the streaming service Netflix worth 100 million US dollars.

CBS is said to have cost seven million US dollars for the interview, which was sold to TV stations around the world and was also well placed in the advertising market. According to their own statements, the two did not receive any money for their conversation with Winfrey. For Harry and Meghan, another currency counts anyway: their popularity.

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This is how the Queen reacts

The Sunday Times reported that the 94-year-old Queen did not watch the interview. Palace sources only spoke of a “circus”.

However, should individual members of the Royals be attacked, the royal family will react “with full force”, it is said.

The Buckingham Palace counter-offensive is definitely in full swing. Even renowned papers cited misconduct and special requests from the Duchess of Sussex: An anecdote is omnipresent that Harry is said to have yelled “What Meghan wants, Meghan also gets” through the palace corridors when she was denied a special piece of jewelry for the wedding.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have already lost honorary military posts and royal patronage. As the “Times” reports, the royal family is thinking about depriving them of the addresses Duke and Duchess of Sussex.



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