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As of: 03/09/2021 00:01 AM

In Western Pomerania-Rügen and the Hanseatic city of Rostock, more is possible again since Monday due to stable incidence values ​​below 35: Shops are again almost unrestricted, even students from grade 7 have more face-to-face classes again: The Mecklenburg Lake District is following suit today.

If a circle is stably below the incidence value of 50 for seven days, far-reaching easing can be implemented, such as opening up retail outlets with a limited number of customers and contact follow-up, as well as face-to-face teaching for students from grade 7. The Mecklenburg Lake District has also been below this mark for a few days.

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More shopping, culture, sport and leisure possible

From today on, purchases in all stores without an appointment should be possible again, the district announced on Monday. Exhibitions, museums, memorials and similar institutions as well as libraries and archives can also be visited again without making an appointment. In addition, a maximum of ten people should be allowed to do contactless sports outdoors. The district published the exact regulations in a General disposal on its website.

“Now we all hope that we can maintain this level of infection. If the incidence value in our district were to rise above 50 again on three consecutive days, we would be forced to reverse these opening steps. We should all prevent this together, and continue to be very attentive, “Deputy District Councilor Kai Seiferth was quoted as saying.

Ministry of Education examines classroom teaching in schools

The situation of the schools in the lake district is also questionable. The state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is responsible for deciding on face-to-face teaching for students from grade 7. Seiferth hopes that after talks that the district intends to hold with the Ministry of Education on Monday, the regulation will also be amended to the effect: “This is the next urgently necessary step in our normal social life.”

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Luca app on a mobile phone © neXenio / Luca app

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