Land Rover Defender 130 (2022): Extralanger Defender


Adrian Mardell confirms the new model variant of the British off-roader. Jaguar Land Rover’s CFO has certain markets in mind.

The new Land Rover Defender is currently available in two dosage forms: The short version, the two-door Defender 90, has a wheelbase of 2.59 meters and a total length of 4.58 meters (with a spare wheel attached to the rear door). The dimensions of the 110 with four doors grow to 3.02 and 5.02 meters, respectively. There is also speculation about a Baby-Landy, a shorter Defender 80 with front-wheel drive.

“North America, China, Middle East”

While this derivative is only rumored, a new model at the other end of the size spectrum is already certain: As Adrian Mardell confirmed to the specialist journal “Automotive News Europe”, there will be a Land Rover Defender 130. The CFO of the Jaguar Land Rover brand group has certain markets in mind: “The Defender 130 will be a perfect fit for North America, China and the Middle East, where we have so far left this potential.”

Hans-Dieter Seufert

5.02 meters of external length with 3.02 meters of edge stand is the maximum for the new Land Rover Defender so far.

Since the wheelbase should remain the same compared to the Defender 110, the increase in length by a good 35 centimeters benefits the luggage compartment alone. Especially when the third row of seats is used to transport people. The 110 already offers this possibility; In this seat configuration, however, the luggage compartment shrinks from 743 to 160 liters. Too little compared, for example, to the well-known full-size SUVs from US production, which also offer trunk spaces that are easy to use as seven-seater.

The new XXL Defender is scheduled to go into production in the course of 2022. However, it is unlikely that the Land Rover Defender 130 will also hit the market in continental Europe.


Yes, design and functionality fit.

No, too big, too playful, too much SUV.

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A Defender that is almost 5.40 meters long, including a spare rear wheel, would actually be a bit oversized for the streets of Germany, France or Italy. Of course, the 130 would fit perfectly into the markets mentioned by Adrian Mardell. There, the demand for seven-seater SUVs with a generously sized trunk is much greater than in Germany.

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Land Rover Defender Extralanger Defender


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