Lascivious alcohol excess: Miley Cyrus gets up close and personal with the singer


Miley Cyrus may have found a new love interest. At least that’s what photos suggest, which the singer and the British musician Yungblud showing violent flirting in a bar in Los Angeles.

Miley Cyrus: Uninhibited flirtation with Yungblud

On Thursday evening, the 28-year-old celebrated with friends in the “Rainbow Room” bar in LA The illustrious group did not adhere to corona safety rules – there was probably plenty of Corona consumed, as photos from the meeting show. The Daily Mail published pictures showing a visibly illimated Cyrus with her clique at a table. There was also a musician at the binge Yunbund, real name Dominic Richard Harrison, who joined the group later in the evening and soon afterwards came suspiciously close to Miley Cyrus.

When Yungblud got to the singer’s table, Miley put her hands on her chin and looked at him meaningfully. Her buddy, who was sitting to her right, seemed to know Yungblud well and smiled broadly, invitingly as he joined the group.

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Lascivious alcohol excess Miley Cyrus close personal singer


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