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Riot Games recently announced on their social media channels the next champion to be featured in League of Legends: Gwen, with the oversized scissors.

After Riot Games teased the new champions for 2021 in a first video, the company released a second, more traditional video that serves as a teaser for Gwen.

The scissor-swinging heroine is said to have been sewn by Viego’s wife Isolde. The magic of the Fallen King would then have penetrated the object to make her the animated character we will find very soon in Summoner’s Rift.

As Riot Games has indicated in previous releases, the character fits into the Dark Isles arc that Viego is from. Future characters released in 2021 should all be associated with this part of the League of Legends lore.

The doll theme makes Gwen an elegant character, with a strong tailoring theme in the skills.

Armed with scissors almost larger than herself and a needle, Gwen whirls across the battlefield with several Dash spells, as you can see in the video above. She also uses an area spell that acts as a buff. The gameplay is lively and dynamic, and seems comfortable in the toplane, where she would easily fit into the Bruiser role.

Are you going to play Gwen too?

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League Legends ready Gwen


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