Lehner: 2020 will bring a slight increase in the number of self-employed


Vienna (OTS) “With 599,807 self-employed people, we are recording a slight increase of around 1% after a turbulent 2020”, explains Peter Lehner, chairman of the social insurance for the self-employed. “Our insurance figures give cause for cautious optimism. The increase in business and new self-employed shows that, despite Corona, the trend towards entrepreneurship continues, ”says Lehner.

The SVS started 2020 with a total of 594,614 self-employed people. With the first lockdown, around 7,000 and thus 1.5% of the insured broke away in spring 2020. This development stopped in summer 2020 and turned into an increase. “In summer and autumn 2020 a new wave of self-employed started. We had around 1,000 new self-employed people per month, ”explains the SVS chairman. In the commercial sector, the number of insured persons rose from 462,000 to just under 470,000. That is an increase of around 2%. In the agricultural sector, the number of insured persons fell slightly by 1% from 132,000 to 130,500. “The growth is an indication that after the lockdowns and with the victory over the pandemic, the economy will quickly recover. People are ready to turn their ideas into action and courageously come out of the crisis, ”concluded Lehner.

Via the SVS, the social insurance for the self-employed
A healthy country needs healthy self-employed people – and someone who is committed to their social security: that is the SVS. A 1.2 million community of insured people who are there for each other from birth to old age under the motto “healthier together”. As health, accident and pension insurance, the SVS covers all lines of business and is organized as a nationwide professional body. Nine own health facilities with over 1,000 beds, 8,000 contract doctors, 3,000 dentists and a further 9,000 contract partners, such as physiotherapists and speech therapists, are available to the insured throughout Austria. The SVS is represented with consultant days in 190 local communities. The transaction volume is 9.5 billion euros. The chairman is Peter Lehner, the general director is Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Hans Aubauer.

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Lehner bring slight increase number selfemployed


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