Leiblachtal: “British” mutation confirmed over 50 times


According to the state, the test options in the Leiblachtal continue to be in high demand. On Saturday, a total of 1,255 test takings were counted up to 5 p.m. – there was a positive test result. Another 400 people are registered for a test by 10 p.m. Around 11,800 tests have already been carried out since the start of the additional test infrastructure. Nine of these have been positive so far. These were or will be checked by means of a PCR test.

Schools and child care affected

In the elementary school in Lochau there are currently twelve confirmed cases – one teacher and eleven children are affected, ten of which were found to be the “British” variant. At the Kindergarten Dorf in Hörbranz, eleven people tested positive – three employees and eight children, six of them with the “British” variant.

There are another five cases at the Dorf childcare facility, there are now three cases at the Leiblach kindergarten, and one each at the Hörbranz elementary school and one at the Hörbranz middle school. Cases with the “British” variant have now been detected in all of the above institutions.


Largest test station in the country

The largest test station in the country is currently set up in the Leiblachtalsaal in Hörbranz and is open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. There are further test stations in the festival hall in Lochau, in the community office (doctor’s room) in Hohenweiler, in the Möggers community hall and in the multi-purpose building in Eichenberg.

To save waiting times, you can simply register for a test on the Internet at www.vorarlberg.at/vorarlbergtestet. Alternatively, the free hotline number 0800 / 201-360 is still available for registration.

Mayor for tests in kindergarten children

How quickly a community can go from zero to almost 80 coronavirus cases was seen last week using the example of Hörbranz. ORF Radio Vorarlberg asked Mayor Andreas Kresser for a Saturday interview and spoke to him about traffic problems, vaccinations and blame.

In the interview, Kresser advocated that parents test their children compulsorily so that they can go to kindergarten or the care group. While the schoolchildren are tested at school, there is currently no compulsory test for children attending a kindergarten or playgroup.

Appeal to parents to take responsibility for themselves

First of all, however, he appealed to parents to take responsibility for testing their children, said Kresser. “I hope that this cluster will also have a learning effect and that the parents will also go along with it and, especially after the Easter holidays – I hope we can then reopen – possibly even do a daily self-test with the child. (…) It would be good if there was also a certain obligation here, ”said Kresser’s wish.

The Vorarlberg health expert Armin Fidler, on the other hand, does not consider regular tests of kindergarten children to be necessary. These are feasible, but mostly adults bring the infections into the facilities – that is why the teachers should be tested closely and included in the vaccination plan – more on this in: Fidler: CoV tests of kindergarten children not necessary.

Hörbranz Mayor Andreas Kresser

ORF Vorarlberg

Andreas Kresser was a guest at the ORF Radio Vorarlberg Saturday interview

Wish for a vaccination campaign in the Leiblachtal

The mayor of Hörbranz also said in the Saturday interview that he had proposed at a meeting in the country house to start a large vaccination campaign in Leiblachtal – comparable to the campaign in Schwaz in Tyrol. The answer, however, was pretty clear: firstly, there is not enough vaccine in the country at the moment, “and secondly, we have the situation that Vorarlberg is basically in good shape. In this respect, I have not managed to get through here, but I hope that we can now get out of the whole thing. ”

There are no guilty parties for the current situation in Leiblachtal, said Kresser – such an explosion in numbers could be everywhere, especially with the British virus variant.

Traffic jams when leaving the country: Situation improved

Anyone who wants to leave the Leiblachtal has to show a negative test since Thursday – this initially led to traffic chaos. In the meantime, however, the traffic problem around exit controls has been better under control, says Kresser. The police can now control even more cars at the same time, and staff have been increased. Kresser says that the Leiblachtaler would have to get used to the fact that there could be traffic jams when leaving.

Exit controls in Lochau


This is what it looked like when I left on Thursday morning

Seven-day incidence increased to over 100

In all of Vorarlberg, new corona infections continued to rise on Friday. 98 new infections were compared to 20 recovered. As of Saturday morning, a total of 670 people (plus 78) were considered to be actively positive. The seven-day incidence was 102.7, according to AGES.

In the hospitals, however, the situation remained stable. Furthermore, only one coronavirus patient had to be treated in the intensive care unit. 24 infected people were hospitalized, four more than the day before.

No further death

With 72 infections each, Hörbranz and Dornbirn recorded more infections than any other municipality in Vorarlberg. Feldkirch (47) followed in second place ahead of Bregenz (42). In 29 of the 96 Vorarlberg municipalities, there were initially no corona cases. No further death related to the virus was recorded in Vorarlberg on Friday.

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Leiblachtal British mutation confirmed times


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