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Let’s Dance 2021: Everyone loves Nicolas Puschmann


Lola Weippert thinks: “Nicolas is a heart on two legs”

He’s the one who always laughs: The first “Prince Charming” of German television, Nicolas Puschmann (29), is becoming a real team favorite. Whether during training, on the dance floor, on social media or privately: the medical device consultant takes hearts by storm. His comrades-in-arms Jan Hofer, Christina Luft and Lola Weippert reveal in the video what makes his amiable manner!

Good development with “Let’s Dance”

But the ex- “Prince Charming” accepts the challenge. Nicolas has been improving since show 1. First there was a solid 18 points for the Cha Cha Cha, then a good 21 points for the Tango in Show 2 and in Show 3 he won an incredible 28 points for his slow fox for “Enter Sandman” from Metallica! A success that everyone in the team apparently grants him. Not least his sensitive and emotional side, which he showed last Friday, is what makes the 29-year-old so likeable.

You can watch Nicolas’s 28-point slow fox in the video below:

In the video: Nicolas Puschmann’s 28-point slow fox

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Lets Dance loves Nicolas Puschmann


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