“Let’s Dance” 2021: Kai Ebel is out


After Vanessa Neigert, Kim Riekenberg and Senna Gammour, it met a man for the first time on “Let’s Dance” on Friday evening. For Kai Ebel it has danced out in episode four.

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For the fourth time, the celebrities danced together with their professionals in “Let’s Dance” to get into the next round. Ten of them succeeded. Especially Nicolas Puschmann was able to convince the jurors of his performance. The Prince Charming got 30 points for his Contemporary.

Kai Ebel is out!

One of the eleven stars, however, had less success in the fourth episode. Kai Ebel danced a slow fox with Kathrin Menzinger to “I break the hearts of the proudest women” by Heinz Rühmann. Motsi Mabuse and Jorge Gonzàlez described his performance as “golden”.

And Joachim Llambi? He saw in the dance “a combination of Hobbythek with Jean Pütz and ‘Dinner for One’ with James”. The juror did not even want to evaluate the slow fox. “Basically he wasn’t there,” said the 56-year-old. “I really like you because you always delivered here, but sorry, I didn’t see slow fox trot here today.” Kai Ebel received a total of ten points for his appearance.

The points at a glance

  • Nicolas Puschmann: 30 points
  • Valentina Pahde: 37 points
  • Rúrik Gíslason: 26 points
  • Ilse DeLange: 26 points
  • Lola Weippert: 23 points
  • Simon Zachenhuber: 23 points
  • Auma Obama: 19 points
  • Erol Sander: 14 points
  • Mickie Krause: 11 points
  • Jan Hofer: 10 points
  • Kai Ebel: 10 points

Together with Jan Hofer, Kai Ebel brought up the bottom of the list of points on Friday evening. As always, the viewers have the last word – and they decided in favor of the ex “Tagesschau” spokesman and against the RTL reporter.

Easter break

For the first time it hit a man. In the past few weeks, three women had to leave the show. First pop star Vanessa Neigert, then model Kim Riekenberg and finally ex-Monrose member Senna Gammour.

Ten pairs are currently still in the race. The grand finale of “Let’s Dance” will take place in May. Incidentally, the dance show will be canceled next week due to Easter. Instead, RTL shows a “Let’s Dance” special.

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