Let’s dance: danced out! This celebrity has to leave the show


After three women, a man had to hang up his dancing shoes. For Kai Ebel, the big “Let’s Dance” trip is over.

It’s getting hot on the dance floor in Cologne-Ossendorf. “Let’s Dance” goes into the next round. After we had to say goodbye to Senna Gammour (41) and Robert Beitsch (29) last week, Joachim Llambi (56) can at least sneak into the RTL studio with a clear conscience. At the side of his fellow jurors Motsi Mabuse (39) and Jorge González (53) he swung the scoop in the week before the Easter break.

Auma Obama as Tina Turner – she definitely rocked that

Cha Cha Cha was the dance of the week by Auma Obama (61) and Andrzej Cibis (33). Tina Turner’s “Disco Inferno” song. There were 17 points in the previous week for the Slowfox, were there more points this time? A few steps went wrong, but you could see the joy of dancing to the disco music – and wow, those legs! The disco queen of the week received 19 points.

Do you already know Daniel Hartwich’s pretty wife Hannah? No? Then you will get to know her in our video:

© Andreas Rentz/ Getty Images; Hannes Magerstaedt/ Getty Images; BUNTE.de

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Erol Sander (52) and Marta Arndt (31) danced the rumba to “Te Busco” by Celia Cruz – a complete success for the actor who enjoys the dance show so much and whose son doesn’t want to see the red spot on dad today ? Motsi feels that Erol’s performance is always the same and not very exciting. Unfortunately, the three jurors only gave 14 points in total – even though Erol was in poor health that week.

With Ilse DeLange, Joachim Llambi could hardly sit still either

Ilse DeLange (43) and Evgeny Vinokurov (31) scored 20 points last week. This week they had to outdo them with a Charleston to “Baby Face” by Julie Andrews. The dance – the madness. You have never seen so much joy in Ilse, who is always in a good mood. That certainly brought the Charleston with it. And who was happy for the sensational atmosphere that Ilse created? Joachim Llambi! In fact, points were raining: 26 points!

Lola Weippert (24) and Christian Polanc (42) danced the Viennese waltz to “Stuck With U” by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. Did the two of them make it back into the 20s? Standing ovations from dance colleagues meant a lot. The jury, on the other hand, gave her tips on how to be a little slower, a little softer, more elegant, rounder. There were 23 points and thus an improvement this week.

His goal is to dance the Discofox marathon to his own song. But does Mickie Krause (50) manage to march through alongside professional dancer Malika Dzumaev (30)? Today there was the tango on the “Pink Panther Theme” by Henry Mancini. In the case of the Ballermann star, the jury sees that he is trying hard and is up for it. Is it enough for enough points? 11 points and thus the bottom for today (so far).


Cheyenne and Valentina Pahde

“Let’s Dance”-Star Valentina Pahde
Twin desire? “I know it’s extremely stressful, I learned that firsthand from my mother”
GZSZ and “Let’s Dance” star Valentina Pahde was already in front of the camera as a three-year-old – of course together with twin sister Cheyenne. Would she like to have twins herself?

“Team Kaiserschmarrn”, Kai Ebel (56) and Kathrin Menzinger (32), had to tremble last week. Today they were allowed to sing the Slowfox for “I break the hearts of the proudest women” by Heinz Rühmann – hopefully without shaking knees. Kathrin described the slow fox as a gentlemen’s dance. Step on the gas a bit, so Motsi’s judgment while Joachim Llambi shook his head in the background. In the end there were 10 points.

Last week, Simon Zachenhuber (22) had to deal with sad news. This week it was full steam ahead Patricia Belousova (26) and the Paso Doble to “Uccen” by “Taalbi Brothers”. Jorge thought the dance was very, very good. The attitude, expression, mega. In total there were 23 points for the two dancers.

“Tiger” Tom Jones, Jan Hofer (69) and Christina Luft (31) – the samba was given this week by the talented singer and his hit song “Help Yourself”. There were 12 points from the previous week to be surpassed. The samba steps were there, very slowly but correctly. This week, the new RTL Newsman did not dance and the judges liked that. The three jurors gave 10 points.

“I love to see you week to week”

Who is the professional here and who is the celebrity? Rúrik Gíslason (33) is increasingly becoming a dance master alongside Renata Lusin (33). They danced the tango to “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. Who in the jury was getting hot? The only criticism Motsi could think of was that Rúrik sometimes stops breathing and then becomes too stiff. Otherwise, she’s happy to see him every week. Jorge felt his tango face too hard – one could hardly understand more. Joachim Llambi also found only warm words. 26 points for the two and a real relief.

Have you ever seen Mickie Krause without a wig? In the video we show it to you:

Recognized?  This is what the Ballermann star looks like without a wig!

© MAGO / Chris Emil Janßen; IMAGO / Herbert Bucco; BUNTE.de

Valentina Pahde (26) and Valentin Lusin (34) danced the salsa to “Flor Palida” by Marc Anthony. Were there more than 22 points in it again this week? Maybe full marks again like in week 2? The curse of the 30 points is what Daniel Hartwich called the spectacle. If you get full marks early on, it will be hard to get them all over again. There were 27 points and they are getting closer to their goal.

30-point contemporary for Nicolas Puschmann?

You just have to love him: “Prince Charming” Nicolas Puschmann (29) showed his vulnerable side this week when he took part in Contemporary Vadim Garbuzov (33) danced to “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors. Motsi was blown away, close to tears. The two got 30 points – for Joachim Llambi the logical consequence of this dance.

“Boys vs. Girls” battle – who will win?

Every year it’s called “Boys vs. Girls” battle, but this year with an innovation. The two groups mostly danced to the same songs: “Rasputin”, “Push-It” and “The winner takes it all”. Only the two songs “Roar” (for the women) and “We are the champions” (for the boys) were different. There was dancing, jumping and laughing. What an achievement. In the end there were 9 points for the girls and 6 for the boys.


Ilka Bessin

Ex-“Let’s Dance”-Star Ilka Bessin
It shows itself without any make-up – and the fans are thrilled!
For years we only knew Ilka Bessin as “Cindy from Marzahn”. Now the ex- “Let’s Dance” candidate shows herself as she really is – and that goes down very well with the fans.

They had to tremble – and he had to go

The decision envelope was handed over this week by Patrick Linke, the voice from the background. Then it was red again over the heads of Jan, Kai and Mickie. Jan was redeemed first. The decision was made between Mister Boxengasse and Mister Ballermann. Mickie Krause can continue dancing – Kai Ebel is out.


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