“Let’s Dance”: Ex-professional dancers raise harsh accusations – is RTL show facing a scandal?


Oana Nechiti and Erich Klann were part of “Let’s Dance” for a long time. But now the professional dancers draw a devastating verdict on the developments in the RTL show.

  • Oana Nechiti and Erich Klann once swirled as professional dancers at the side of their celebrities on the “Let’s Dance” floor.
  • They are now analyzing what is happening there in their own podcast.
  • Probably because they know the RTL format all too well from their own experience, the two are now warning of scandalous developments.

Cologne – Friday is dance day at RTL! For years, enthusiastic fans and whole families have been gathering in front of the television to start the weekend to see what the celebrities and professionals are putting on the dance floor at “Let’s Dance”. The fact that one likes to get closer to each other with such fiery dances like samba or salsa is unavoidable. If Oana Nechiti and Erich Klann have their way, the TV show will soon reach a limit. The two former “Let’s Dance” professionals have just expressed serious allegations of sexism against the popular television format.

“Let’s Dance”: Erich and Oana outraged after Simon Zachenhuber’s dance

The stumbling block was a hinted kiss between “Let’s Dance” candidate Simon Zachenhuber and professional partner Patricija Belousova, who lets Erich and Oana draw an indignant conclusion in their podcast about the show. The dancing couple would have had a wonderful romantic number with their Viennese waltz, Oana admits, but “of course again allusions to kisses and other things” – especially when Patricija’s friend Alexandru was also sitting in the studio.

Oana’s husband Erich Klann is also appalled that the jury picks up on something like this as found food: “I’m really upset by this,” says the former “Let’s Dance” professional and admits that he might have freaked out if he had been in Alexandru’s place. “Does that have to be repeated?” Both agree that some jury comments quickly go too far in an inappropriate direction.

“Let’s Dance” professional Oana Nechiti with serious allegations to the jury of the RTL show

Oana remembers that something similar happened to her once when she danced with Bela Klenze and Joachim Llambi told her that she had to crack him like Erich back then. Jorge also made an inappropriate comment that Oana doesn’t even want to repeat. “People, honestly, are you crazy? What should I explain to my child? “, The professional dancer asks angrily, after all, her and Erich’s little son also diligently watched the show in front of the TV at home.

Oana Nechiti and Erich Klann accuse “Let’s Dance” of sexism

It is exactly the “sexist kind” that Oana and Erich piss off and that sometimes – especially in inappropriate constellations, when the partner of one of the dance partners is possibly even sitting next to them – takes over. “Why do you do that?” The two ask in their podcast. The couple agrees that if it goes on like this, “Let’s Dance” could soon drift in an ugly direction. “I love this show until the end of my life, but if you propagate it as a family show, you can’t go on like that,” Oana’s tough demand. Whether “Let’s Dance” will be a little more chaste in the future, viewers can continue to form their own opinion every Friday when the show is on RTL. Meanwhile, Oana and Erich had last unpacked in their podcast about the dance format. (lros)

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Lets Dance Exprofessional dancers raise harsh accusations RTL show facing scandal


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