“Let’s Dance”: Kai “Mister Boxengasse” Ebel has danced out


“Let’s Dance”
Kai “Mister Boxengasse” Ebel has danced out

Grazil kann er: Kai Ebel
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The next 30 points, the “Boys vs. Girls” special, standing rumba and Very Slow Fox: The highlights of the fourth episode “Let’s Dance”.

From the fourth episode of “Lets Dance” on RTL (also on TVNow), traditionally the chaff is slowly separating from the dance wheat. In other words, the jurors Joachim Llambi (56), Motsi Mabuse (39) and Jorge González (53) are increasingly noticing which celebrities have the talent and the will to improve week after week – and who are already the limit is reached. For example with Erol Sander (52), renamed by Llambi to “Stehrol” Sander.

In the duel between the awkward fan favorites Mickie Krause (50), Kai Ebel (56) and Jan Hofer (69), a close snail race was already emerging in the past episodes about the order in which they will be kicked out soon. This episode started with Ebel, who took the “slow” in “Slow Fox” a little too literally.

Just like that in two digits

At the beginning of the fourth episode, Auma Obama (60) with a remarkable mane and dance partner Andrzej Cibis (33) was allowed to compete in the Cha-Cha-Cha. As before every week, the sister of ex-US President Barack Obama (59) was able to improve again and left the dance floor with 19 points in her luggage. Then there were only 14 counters for Erol’s standing rumba. Mickie Krause reliably delivered an even lower (dance) level. To the sounds of “Pink Panther” he shuffled through the hall as “Schmidtchen Schleicher” (but without elastic legs). The result: a measly eleven points for Mickie.

The big question afterwards: Did dancing bear Kai Ebel manage to beat this negative performance with his “Very Slow Fox”? Yes! In the ranking of the lovable “Let’s Dance” worry children, this time he finished last with ten points. Because although darling Jan Hofer stayed true to the beat for the first time with the heavy samba, he also only collected ten points with his dance partner Christina Luft (31).

Iceland’s upcoming dance superstar?

Ex-soccer player Rúrik Gíslason (33) felt double pressure in a row. In the meantime, everyone sees him as a favorite of the current season, and he came with the maximum number of points of 30 points from the previous edition. He and Renata Lusin (33) were not granted renewed perfection, but with 26 points a rock solid result. Two men were responsible for the ultimate dance that evening: Nicolas Puschmann (29) and Vadim Garbuzov (33) put on a contemporary where – Llambi quote – “anything but 30 points would be cheek”.

News in video: Tagesschau legend Jan Hofer gets news broadcast on RTL

Boys versus Girls

For additional points, there was the boys versus girls battle at the end. While in the previous seasons the gentlemen of creation liked to get the extra count, this time the picture was different: “The back part of the chicos, nothing went there,” González aptly summed up their performance – and meant the dancing ” Wall “in the background consisting of Ebel, Krause, Sander and Hofer. Logically, a man in the person of Ebel had to leave the show for the first time – in the three previous programs only celebrities had been caught.

There will be no new “Let’s Dance” episode in the coming week because of Easter. So the celebrities have twice as much time to rehearse the next choreography – but even fewer excuses.


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Lets Dance Kai Mister Boxengasse Ebel danced


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