“Let’s Dance”: presenter Victoria Swarovski confused with strange questions


Victoria Swarovski sometimes seemed a little unsettled on “Let’s Dance”. Bild: Getty Images Europe / Joshua Sammer

Boxing matches alongside the “Let’s Dance” participation? Moderator confused with strange questions

Victoria Swarovski went wrong on Friday with one or two requests from the “Let’s Dance” candidates. The Austrian has been moderating the RTL format since 2018, after becoming “Dancing Star” in 2016 – before her, Sylvie Meis held the job for seven years. The die-hard “Let’s Dance” fans are still having a hard time warming up to Victoria because the TV broadcaster had fired Sylvie at the time, apparently without any conclusive reason.

During every episode of the dance show, especially on social media, there are relentless comments about Victoria’s moderation skills, but other details are also eagerly discussed online – her outfits are always viewed critically. Often the remarks about her are not necessarily justified, but simply flat and sexist, but in the current issue of “Let’s Dance” Swarovski actually seemed a bit uninformed at one point or another.

Doesn’t Victoria Swarovski watch the single players of the candidates?

This was particularly clear with the boxer and candidate Simon Zachenhuber. The athlete and professional dancer Patricija Belousova had just put a Paso Doble to “Uccen” by the Taalbi Brothers on the TV floor and received a good review from the three jurors. Afterwards there is always a flight of stairs before the jury awards points.

Victoria is waiting in the stands every time to speak well to the celebrities and professionals and to look back on the training week and the performance. When Simon and Patricija finally stood in front of Victoria at the distance prescribed by the hygiene guidelines, the moderator primarily asked curious questions.

Victoria Swarovski, Simon Zachenhuber and Patricija Belousova in the “Let’s Dance” grandstand by far. Image: Screenshot / RTL

The one player from the training week showed how Simon and his dance partner danced in the boxing ring – Victoria seemed to have missed that. She first asked:

“We were in the ring. We were in boxing training,” revealed the dance couple, whereupon the presenter initially asked in disbelief. “Yes, in the MAZ, didn’t you see that?” Replied the dancer. Victoria then quickly stated: “Yes, of course I saw that, that’s why I’m asking.”

Looking a little unsettled, the 27-year-old followed: “Do you still have competitions?” The boxer replied: “Not now, parallel to ‘Let’s Dance’.” – “Of course not”, Victoria seemed to be aware of the unjustified question. After all, she was a candidate on the show herself and should know that the TV project takes up most of the candidates’ time. In any case, Simon doesn’t have time for boxing matches.

Another candidate interview seemed incoherent

Rúrik Gíslason also had an uncomfortable moderation moment. The footballer poured out his heart in the single player, feeling under pressure from his previous dance performances and his strict teacher Renata Lusin. “You said this week was the toughest week. Why?”Victoria asked a little coldly.

“I want to do everything right, so it was a bit exhausting,” replied Rúrik, to which Victoria reacted apparently incoherently: “It sounded great, didn’t it?” She improved after a few seconds of silence and irritation: “It sounded good, the jury evaluation.”

In order to warm up to the now 14th “Let’s Dance” season, Victoria has at least eight more opportunities: Only five of the total of 13 shows have now taken place. Simon and Rúrik passed this round with flying colors, but this time Kai Ebel and Kathrin Menzinger had to say goodbye after a stiff slow fox.

Kathrin Menzinger and Kai Ebel had to say goodbye to the title “Dancing Star” on “Let’s Dance”. Bild: Getty Images Europe / Joshua Sammer

This time the former “Prince Charming” Nicolas Puschmann and Vadim Garbuzov shone with their expressive contemporary dance. The two danced a strong love story. Juror Motsi Mabuse then proudly summed up: “We’ve been celebrating diversity at ‘Let’s Dance’ for so many years. The message is Love is Love, you brought that to this dance floor.”

And there was another special moment at the very end of the show: The spokesman Patrick Linke, who always announces the dance couples, asks for the jury’s evaluation and accompanies the fast run-through of the candidates’ performances from off, stepped in front of the cameras – an extremely rare moment on the show. He was allowed to deliver the envelope with the voting result.



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Lets Dance presenter Victoria Swarovski confused strange questions


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