“Let’s Dance” star Joachim Llambi: His daughter is a real model


Wow, you can hardly look away at these pictures! The daughter of “Let’s Dance” juror Joachim Llambi is a real beauty.

Endlessly long legs, defined body and a radiant smile – Joachim Llambi’s (56) stepdaughter Katharina (22) is irresistibly sensual on Instagram. With natural poses and a radiant expression, she enchants her followers and knows how to present herself professionally. The “Let’s Dance” star agrees: “The nice thing is that she knows how much she wants to give and show,” he said some time ago in an interview with BUNTE. Katharina gained a foothold in the modeling business three years ago and has been sharing pictures of her photo shoots on Instagram ever since. If you look at the 22-year-old’s account, a self-confident young woman who knows what she wants shines at you. There is no question that the world of men is at Katharina’s feet! But what does Papa Llambi think about men? “She can bring anyone with her, but if he didn’t treat her well, I would be stressful,” said the 56-year-old.

She is Joachim Lambi’s pride and joy! You can see how she takes our breath away with her charm in the video above.

“Let’s Dance” star Joachim Llambi: close father-daughter relationship

In 2018 Joachim Llambi appeared on the red carpet for the first time with his stepdaughter Katharina. And even there, the then 18-year-old didn’t cut a bad figure! No wonder, because good posture and professional performances are in Joachim Llambi’s daughter’s blood. Because Katharina shares the passion for dancing with her father and dances hip-hop, jazz and ballet. But the pretty brunette also skilfully shakes the dance floor in standard or Latin, as she shows in a video on Instagram. There she makes a professional appearance together with her stepfather. Katharina is not Llambi’s biological daughter, but for him she is like his own child. And so the 22-year-old already posted one or the other great photo of herself and her dad on Instagram, for example pictures from a joint visit to the World Club Dome 2019. Also a video on which the otherwise strict-looking “Let’s Dance” – Juror serenely rocks along to a song by German rapper Capital Bra (26), she doesn’t hold back from us.

He’s been there from the start! You can see what Joachim Llambi looked like at the beginning of “Let’s Dance” in the video below.

© Florian Ebener / Getty Images; BUNTE.de


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Lets Dance star Joachim Llambi daughter real model


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