Let’s Dance: Stefan Raab suddenly stands in front of the candidate – “speechless”


“Let’s Dance” (RTL): Surprise for the candidate! Stefan Raab suddenly appears with her

March 27, 2021 at 7:39 am

“Let’s Dance” candidate Lola Weippert received a surprising visit from Stefan Raab.
Foto: TVNOW / Frank Fastner, IMAGO / APress

Actually, Lola Weippert should currently spend every free minute in her dance training for the “Let’s DanceInvest in live shows. But as the new TVNOW face, the presenter couldn’t help but stop by the RTL show “Freshly Roasted Every Day”.

As if the appearance on the late night show wasn’t exciting enough, the “Let’s Dance“Candidate behind the scenes was a huge surprise.

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“Let’s Dance” (RTL): Lola Weippert is happy “like a little child”

Lola Weippert currently stands for the dance show “Let’s Dance“In front of the television camera. RTL viewers should get used to the likeable face quickly, because this year she will be hosting the new season of “Temptation Island”.

At TVNOW, the streaming service of the RTL media group, Lola should take off in the future. On the occasion of this career jump she was invited to his show by entertainer Jens “Knossi” Knossalla. A huge honor for the 24-year-old, as she said on Instagram: “I was as happy as a little kid in a candy store!”


This is “Let’s Dance” candidate Lola Weippert:

  • Eleonore Lola Naomi Weippert was born on March 30, 1996 in Rottweil
  • From 2016 to 2020 she hosted “Germany’s biggest morning show” on the radio station “bigFM”
  • In 2019 a listener was wanted to spend five days with Lola in Las Vegas and marry her there – the two have been a couple since then
  • In 2021 she will take over the RTL show “Temptation Island”, which was previously hosted by Angela Finger-Erben
  • Since February 26th, Lola Weippert can be seen in the 14th season of “Let’s Dance”


The big surprise, however, was waiting for them in the backstage area. “This lunchtime suddenly there was a knock in my lounge. A middle-aged man poked his head through the door. He wore a hat, glasses and a scarf, ”reported Lola Weippert. After the man first introduced himself as “Markus”, he finally solved the riddle and said: “It’s me, Stefan.” You probably already guessed it …

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“Let’s Dance” candidate meets Stefan Raab behind the scenes

It was THE Stefan – Showmaster Stefan Raab. “’Yes, of course’ I thought to myself and didn’t believe it. But then he took off his mask for a second and my teeth flashed endlessly, which proved: F * CK, IT REALLY IS! I couldn’t believe my own eyes, I was speechless and was delighted with the branch! ”Lola Weippert said on Thursday via Instagram.

Stefan Raab ended his active television career in 2015. Since then, the “TV total” star has only worked behind the cameras and produces, among other things, entertainment shows such as “Freshly roasted every day“.


More about “Let’s Dance”:


“A veteran of the entertainment industry, my absolute role model and I never thought that I would ever meet this person,” Lola revealed to her followers. Hopefully the presenter has slowly recovered, because on Friday evening she will have to prove her talent as a dancer again.

“Let’s Dance” runs every Friday at 8:15 pm on RTL. You can then watch the show in the TVNOW media library.

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Lets Dance Stefan Raab suddenly stands front candidate speechless


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