Liam Neeson: He personally welcomes New York film fans back to the cinema


In New York City the cinemas were allowed to reopen after a break of almost a year. Moviegoers from the very beginning received personal thanks from Liam Neeson.

For film fans in New York City, it has been possible again since this weekend: The cinemas in the Big Apple are allowed to open their doors despite the corona pandemic. Moviegoers from the very beginning, who had secured a ticket for the action thriller “The Marksman” on Friday evening, were in for a special surprise. Leading actor Liam Neeson (68, “Taken”) greeted her in person in AMC Lincoln Square and gave a short speech before the screening, according to “Entertainment Weekly”.

In his speech, the star thanked everyone present for their return to the cinema – the movie theaters there had to be closed continuously for almost a year. “Going into a movie theater is like coming home to me,” said Neeson. “I feel it is something sacred. I felt the same as a child.” In “The Marksman” Neeson stays true to his usual role as an action retiree – this time as a former Marine he has to protect a boy from ruthless drug lords on the border between the US and Mexico.

Conditions in the cinema

New York Mayor Andrew Cuomo (63) announced last week that cinemas in his city would be allowed to reopen on March 5th. However, under strict conditions: The hall may only be used to 25 percent, wearing masks and assigned seats are mandatory.

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Liam Neeson personally welcomes York film fans cinema


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